KLUTZ Nail Style Studio | Nail Art Book Review

Late night but a friend needed a few things from the grocery store so hubby and I took her to the supermarket. While there, I decided to pick up a few necessities, myself.  On the way to the toiletries section, I passed by a clearance display with some books and gift ideas.  At the very bottom if the self was a book that seemed to have some polishes in it.  I knelt down to inspect and I was right! A nailart gift set for Tweens! Originally priced at $26.99, I came away with it for $16.99+tax.

Rainbow Bright | Tinseltown Nail's Neon Challenge with a fun Q&A

If you were a bottle polish, what brand and color would you be? Why?
If you can have superhero powers, what would it be and why?

These are just a few of the questions that Jamie of Tinseltown Nails asked...

Jamie of Tinseltown Nails just held a nail art contest with very generous prizes.  The theme was "NEONS".  I decided to do a rainbow nailart so that I could use many colorful and bright colors on the mani.  Earlier, Jamie very kindly sent me a beautiful nail art brush all the way from the Philippines.  She just saw me repost a contest where I wanted to win some nail art brushes.  Then without being asked, she went ahead and sent me this very nice brush (and more...) A rare spirit of generosity indeed.

So, to the best I can, I came up with a design where I could use the brush and neon colors. No, I am not good at drawing nor am I any close at all to painting.  It was a miracle brush {Just kidding...} I did my best on this one. I hope that Jamie and all of you, my dear Nail Art Friends like it.

Where to Get Nail Art Ideas and Inspirations

Where do you get your nail art inspirations from?  Where do I begin at making my own nailart?

For some of us who are new to nail arts, looking at already made designs can be helpful.  It can be easier to copy a design that's already made compared to creating our own ideas.  These can be found in some health and fashion magazines and books.  When I come across these, I clip them and save them in a folder for future reference.  Here's an example.

Sunset DragonFly | Nature | OMD2 Theme: Signature Design

Is there a design that you make every so often that when others see it they could exclaim: "That is so you!"  When it comes to nail art, I don't know if I found my niche design yet.  Truth be told, I like nude, unassuming colors on my nails.  Perhaps a sheer pink, as in french mani... or a plain, clear coat even!  But what fun is that? So, inspired by this little dragonfly, I present to you kind-of a signature style...

PrettyNailsAndTea | DragonFly

We live close by a park with a pretty little lake in it.  Hubby and I took a long walk a few evenings ago... I really liked the grass that grew on the side of the lake.  It reminds me of the riverbanks back home and the times where my sister and I would play around there and catch some dragon flies.  Okay, she and my other cousins would try to catch it.  I prefer just watching them and admiring their colors... We walked while we watched the sunset grace the skies.  Turning the atmosphere into a parade of yellow to red colors.  What a delight...

Floral Nails for Feature Friday

PrettyNailsAndTea | Feature Friday
Nail Art by Jenny Santio, "a mother of 2 who loves nail polish a bit too much."
Check out her designs at @JennySantio on Instagram

MINI GIVEAWAYS!!! Leave some love and win Nail Art stuff...

Leave a meaningful comment and win! {Open Internationally}

Good evening dear readers!

The response in readership to my blog had been tremendously pleasant these past few days and I want to thank you all for that.  It makes me feel good to be appreciated.

I want to giveback a little, from my own modest means, by giving-away little things once in a while.  Little things here and there... I know it's not much but I thought it would spread the love better than having one big, rare giveaway where only one benefits.  So these give-aways maybe small but it will be more frequent and there will be more winners.

"PARIS" ~This prize runs from July 24 to August 15.  Winner will be posted on August 16.

"PURPLE DOTS" Nail Wraps ~ Ends on August 22, Winners will be posted on August 23, 2014

Paris Inspired Ombre Nails | HOW TO | Mini-Giveaway

PrettyNailsAndTea | Ombre Flowers in Paris

A nail art Ombre of dots and flowers with a touch of Paris... Who would think of Paris and not think of it's Eiffel Tower?  How about add a pink bow to it?

DIY Festival Nail Style | Guestpost

DIY Festival Nail Style: Superdry shows you how to nail it.
Guest Post from Charlotte Corner of Superdry CA

PrettyNailsAndTea | DIY Festival Nail Style
In this Nail Art, I adapted the method from HelloGlossy.com

As the festival season is well under way, we have decided to come up with an oh-so-simple nail guide to help you transform those plain Jane nails into a work of art in just a few easy steps.

WANDERLUST - Another Julep Box | July and August 2014

Poolside Collection | Julep July 2014
Pretty Nails and Tea | July 2014 | Julep | Poolside Collection

Hmmm, just wanting to share my selections for July 2014 from the Julep Poolside collection.  It's that time again when Julep offers the 'window' for selecting what you would like to receive in your monthly box.  That window is now open for August.  I was a little disappointed that this window is already open when I haven't received my July box in the mail yet.  I almost forgot what I got in my July box until I revisited this draft that I made last month.

Pretty In Pink Jelly Mani | OMD2 Theme: Jelly

Jelly Mani | Pretty Nails And Tea

Splash of colors in between layers of "jelly" (tinted polish) gives this effect of faded designs like that of lilies in a pond.  This technique is also called "Pond-Mani"

Outdoor Mani with Flowers and Seashells | OMD2 Theme: Outdoors (Flashback Friday)

Ah, How I do love the summer heat... The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom, the ocean feels warmer... people look happier.

Flowers and Nails | PrettyNailsAndTea.blogspot.ca

 Hubby and I took a very nice walk on Sunday evening.  I was a little worried that we went out late and that the sun would soon be gone.  Alas, it was 9:30 at night when it started to go down.  No beautiful sunset that night, too cloudy.  Yet, it was great.  I was able to snap some pictures of beautiful flowers along the way, we chatted with some friends, relaxed on the sand... and collected clams.  Yup, not just seashells, live ones!!!

Nail Wraps {NPW Deco Nail Art Wraps} | REVIEW | OMD2 Theme: Doticure

On my nails today is a nail wrap that I purchased from Michael's CraftStore here in Canada.  They have the sparing nail art supplies and I saw this one on sale for $1.00 Cad each, can't beat that, right?  I thought it's the perfect opportunity to try these nail wraps. There were two designs available.  Since there is a Doticure theme in the OMD2 Nail Art challenge, I decided to use the one with the polka-dots ;)

GIVEAWAY!!! GIVEAWAY!!! 200 Polish Bottles in ONE Single Prize!!!

Christina Madrika!  Find out more here.

Good evening!!! I've got great news for you all.
Nail Polish Canada (NailPolishCanada.com) is sponsoring an EPIC giveaway!!! 

They are giving away a total of 200 polish bottles in a single prize!  These polishes are chosen and nominated for by different bloggers, including myself.  That means, those 200 bottles of nail polish will only be the best!

GALAXY Nails | Over the Moon Gorgeous!!! | OMD2 Theme: Galaxy

Waaah! Okay, this design is totally over the moon gorgeous...

Galaxy Nails | Pretty Nails And Tea

Over the moon gorgeous Galaxy Nail Art has landed! lol... Please check out this post for an out of this world Nail Art design ;)

The Fox Funky French for OMD2

Funky French | PrettyNailsAndTea

I bought this pretty little fox from +eBay and it served as my inspiration for my Funky French today. I actually have a fox with gold linings instead of this which has silver.  That was why I had the golden base.  But in the end of my mani, I inadvertently stuck this one instead...  Oh well, I think it still turned out real nice, don't you think?

Mosaic Effects Top Coat | Crackle Polish from Avon | OMD2 Theme: Abstract

Mosaic Effects Topcoat, Avon, PrettyNailsAndTea

"What do you do when you find yourself stuck in a crack in the ground underneath a giant boulder you can't move, with no hope of rescue.  Consider how lucky you are that life has been good to you so far.  If it hasn't been good to you so far, which given your current circumstances seems more likely, consider how lucky you are that it won't be troubling you much longe.: ~ Douglas Adams quote (British comic writer 1952-2001)

COSMIC | The Holographic Polish from Avon

Who among us has not been bewildered by the beauty of the universe?

Artist have painted many perceptions of the world around us.  With the aide of technology, now we can have a glimpse of a whole new universe beyond.  It's such a wonder how we are able to notice and appreciate this kind of beauty.  Moreover, we are able to translate that kind of value into a our own expression of art.

First, Someone, with great wisdom and power, came up with the idea of a universe and made it happen.  Then, someone mimicked that beauty and created a very pretty polish-finish - Holos.  So that finally, we can have such beauty at our fingertips and use it to express our own creativity.  Forgive me, I am awestruck! (wink) I might try and do a Galaxy NailArt after this, but first let me show you Cosmic, Avon's version of the holographic polishes. I can't remember how many colors they released in total.  I have four to show you  ;)

HAUL: Well Manicured | Nail Care and Nail Art Tools

A proper nail artist needs proper tools, won't you agree?
"To do a job well, one must have the proper tools.  
But the tools themselves don't do the job.  
One must attain the skill to use the tool well."
What tools do you usually use for your nail care routine?

Recently, a friend received a 50%-off-coupon from Julep with her Welcome Box.  Yes, she subscribed! Yay!!! I rode-on her discount and purchased some tools along with her order.  I got the  Plié Wand and the Well-Manicured Kit. (As well as the "Gem Collection", you may read about it more here.)

Nail Care Tools Haul | Pretty Nails And Tea

Rose Vines and more Rosettes | OMD2 Theme: Rose

Just about every girl wants flowers.  Right?  No matter what other things we girls are inclined to, we all love to stop and smell the roses... Or better yet, to receive flowers from someone dear to let us know we are remembered and lovingly cherished.  (hint, hint, hint... lol) In doubt of a perfect present? Go for flowers.  If they are allergic to pollen, good quality silk flowers do wonders....  Oh the beauty of a flower.... not only does it make us feel loved, it makes us feel really girly.

"The Rose speaks of love silently, 
in a language known only to the heart."
Flower talk gets me in the mood today because of my next nail art challenge... Rose.

Pink Roses | PrettyNailsAndTea.Blogspot.ca

I know, I know, the flower above isn't a rose.... but hey, isn't it pretty? :D  I tried to do a rose vine on my nails this time... And of course, I will be showing you other rosette nail arts too... please keep reading ;)

Cute, Darling Little Lady Bug | OMD2 Theme: Animal Print

Lady Bug Nails | Pretty Nails And Tea

I did a little tweak on my little lady bug nail art from previous post ;)  Did you notice? lol
I was trying to achieve an animal print.  Lady bugs are animals too, right?  Just a lot tinier and a lot prettier... he he... When you say red and polka dots, what do you think of? A Ladybug!!! So that is settled, that should be the official lady bug animal print! :D

The Pawikan ~ Tropical Sea Turtle | OMD2 Theme: National Pride

Initially, I was thinking of this design for the Holographic theme (today's theme ;).  This holo-green polish is just so pretty!!!  The sparkle and shine is tantalizing.  And the green is quite refreshing... there's just something about green...

For the OMD2 nail art challenge, however, I think I'm going to categorize it under National Pride.  A cartoonish turtle for national pride?  I'll tell you why...

The Tropical Turtle | PrettyNailsandTea.blogspot.ca

Minty Flowers | OMD2 Theme: Mint

Hello dear ladies!
A week ago, I joined a contest sponsored by Jacqui and Friends of CraftyNails.com.  I'm a sucker for free polish and they are giving a few Essie polishes among others in the price pack for Canada.  Initially, the price was what motivated me. But I find I'm quite enjoying the challenge.  It helps me come up with my own designs too.  I would say, even If I didn't win, I would have enjoyed myself and learned a lot.  But the free polish is a great motivating factor, lol

You will find many, many more (no kidding!!!) mint nail art inspiration from the Nail Art Challenge at the bottom of my post.... (hint, hint...)

Scented Polish and Pretty Pressed Flowers | OMD2 Theme: Dark

Another day, another challenge... this time, we're into the Darks.  For those who are visiting my blog for the first time, please check out this post for the challenge :)

 What do you think of my pressed flowers?

Scented Polish and Pretty Pressed Flowers | Pretty Nails and Tea

Honestly, dark colored nail polishes intimidates me... as you can tell, I have quite a difficulty working with it.. my cuticles are having a rough time on this one, lol...

The Pretty Little LadyBug | LadyBug Nails Inspirations | OMD2 Theme: Brights

LadyBug Nails

"Ladybugs all dressed in red, 
Strolling through the flower bed.
If I were tiny just like you,
I'd creep among the flowers too."
~Maria Fleming

More photos, nail colors used and procedures... please continue reading :) xoxo Maya

Sparkly Cupcake, anyone? | OMD2 Theme: Lavender

In need of some comfort food?  We'll I feel like celebrating... so....
How about some sparkly-licious cupcake?

Cupcake nailart | Pretty Nails And Tea

“What can I say? I've never met a cupcake 
I didn't want to get to know better.” 

A Hundred Ways to Design your nails | OMD2 Theme: Corals

corals | Pretty Nails And Tea | OMD2 | Easy NailArt
 Good morning everyone!  I hope that you are having a great day :)
Yesterday I worked on "Corals" before going to work.  It was such a busy day so I did a simple mani.  You can never go wrong with this color... okay, okay, I admit, It's my favorite color... he he he
I wanted to post this as my entry to the Second Day of the OMD2 held by the CraftyNail.com.  What do you think? 

Nautical Nails | First Bestie Twin Nails | OMD2 Theme: Nautical

Nautical Nails | Pretty Nails And Tea
Jennifer {of IG FilipinoGoddess619} and I had been planning for the longest time to have "Bestie Twin Nails."  This is my first so I was quite nervous.  My design took 2 nail fails before I got to do this.  Hence, you see my ring finger already stained in polish (yup, I can't get it off...)  Not only is this my first, Bestie Twin Nails, this is also my first Nautical Nails... I used Avon Polishes for this design. Please continue reading to see a great nautical nail art feature in the end of the post for your inspiration.  You'll also see all the polishes I've used and some swatches. 

Shimmer French Manicure | Soak Off Gel Polish | OMD2 Theme: Shimmer

French Manicure

Yay!  What I thought to be a daunting nail art was a success!  How do you like my gelpolish french manicure?  Initially, I was really overwhelmed by this nail art design.  If you happen to read my French Mani post before this, I mentioned that I dreaded the time and skills involved in doing this.  But for the love of my friends, I was able to conquer that fear (uhmm) and do the french for several of my friends.  Now I took the chance to do it to my own fingers.  I even managed to add some shimmer and glitter. What do you think?

Please continue reading to see the step-by-step photos... Thanks everyone and happy July!!!

July 2014 Nail Art Challenge (OMD2)

Jacqui of CraftyNail.com is sponsoring a nail art challenge (or shall I say, challengessssss, lol) for the month of July called   Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux (OMD2)

At first I was overwhelmed... "everyday?!?" I haven't done any challenges before. Good thing I read all the blog post and discovered any of the designs and any of the days can be entered, not necessary all of them or in order.  You can even do just one design if you wish and then you have an entry!