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On my nails today is a nail wrap that I purchased from Michael's CraftStore here in Canada.  They have the sparing nail art supplies and I saw this one on sale for $1.00 Cad each, can't beat that, right?  I thought it's the perfect opportunity to try these nail wraps. There were two designs available.  Since there is a Doticure theme in the OMD2 Nail Art challenge, I decided to use the one with the polka-dots ;)

Nail wraps are also referred to as Nail Appliques, strips, decals, or foils.  Some of them claim to be made of real nail polish.  Some of the ingredients in this nail wrap is similar to that of a nail polish, but very few in comparison.  So I don't know if this is made of "real" nail polish as some nail wraps claim. The material can be easily stretched to fit the nail.  Just make sure to smooth it out well and let it stick to the nails fully before putting on the topcoat.

Nail Wrap Review |

It was surprisingly easy to apply and the size of the nail wraps closely matched the size of my nails.  There was little trimming needed (that of course is dependent on your nail size).  The instructions on how to put the wraps on, are detailed at the back of the package.  It's very easy to follow and it took only a few minutes to complete.

The only thing is, if you look closely at my thumb, you will see wrinkles on the design.  That's because for the other nails, I tried to stretch the nail wraps during application to get rid of some wrinkles.  And I made sure it stuck to the nails well.  I did not do that with the thumbs just to see what happens.  I also might have put on too much top coat on the thumb.  All the other nails were perfect! And there you go... Need to stretch, don't forget, and just a thin layer of top coat, lol...

With the application of a fast drying top coat, the nail wrap melded comfortably into the nails just like I painted them.  Fast, cheap and easy nail art!  I loved the outcome. 

Nail Wrap Review |

As for durability, I cleaned the house, did laundry (washing machine of course, I still had to sort the clothes and fold them, lol) washed the dishes and washed my hair... and this mani stood up it's ground.  Only a little wear on the tips but there were no chips...

How about removal?  It's very easy as well.  I lifted up a little bit at the corner close to my cuticle and pushed it gently with a cuticle stick.  When I had a good portion, I lifted it up with a tweezer, working gently from the outside of the nail going in.  Some came out in full size nail, some tore to not more than 3 pieces.  You have to make sure you do this gently so as not to peel your nails along with the wrap.  Aside from some signs of basecoat, the nails look pretty clean. Now that's easy!

I think that's pretty good considering I bought this for only a dollar. (Okay, it was originally $5.99 each, :p)  I'm impressed!

And here is my bow ring... Isn't it pretty?  Rings are quite popular now to take nailfies with.  How do you feel about them?

Nail Wrap Review |

There are many designs available for nail wraps.  I think that's a big advantage.  Would you give it a try?  If you've tried it, what do you think of it?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.  Have a great day and I wish you much love and joy today.  xoxo Maya


I'm attaching the links to the other doticure designed manicures entered in the OMD2 challenge for your inspiration.  Many, many more polka-dot nails for you to enjoy :)
**Okay, I'm not quite sure if Nail Decals are allowed in the contest, but I thought I could sort of give a new nailart-way a try, review it and enter the Nailart challenge at the same time.  Afterall, trying new things is an adventure in itself, right? hmmm....

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