Floral Nails for Feature Friday

PrettyNailsAndTea | Feature Friday
Nail Art by Jenny Santio, "a mother of 2 who loves nail polish a bit too much."
Check out her designs at @JennySantio on Instagram

Happy Friday my dear Nail Art Friends!!!

Today I'm starting a Feature Friday in my blog where I will highlight beautiful designs that I am able to collect and have inspired some of my own nail art designs in one way or another...

Let's start with flowers, shall we? For who is not bewildered by the refreshing beauty of this colorful masterpieces of creation? Talented nail artist have translated these into pretty designs on their nails and I'm handing it to you for your enjoyment.

PrettyNailsAndTea | Feature Friday
This nail art is from Bella Ritchey of @SeizetheNail on Instagram
I loved how she used iridescent hearts to form flowers over a white background.
This served as my inspiration for one of my precious nail art designs.  Please see here.

PrettyNailsAndTea | Feature Friday
The following nail arts are from Katarzyna P. of @lynieczka of Instagram
She has many tutorials on how to achieve her famous nail looks on her account.
Please go ahead and check that out ;)

PrettyNailsAndTea | Feature Friday

PrettyNailsAndTea | Feature Friday
This pretty nail art stamping is from Liana of @lianasnails 

PrettyNailsAndTea | Feature Friday

PrettyNailsAndTea | Feature Friday
Did you notice?  She employed the same technique with the flowers but using different color combinations?
What a difference that makes, huh?

PrettyNailsAndTea | Feature Friday

PrettyNailsAndTea | Feature Friday
And finally, how pretty is this floral nail art from Danielle of @nailsbydaniellet ?

You can find these talented ladies on Instagram using their corresponding handles (beginning with @).  If you do check them out, please don't forget to mention me... lol...

What do you think of these lovely nail arts?  Please do tell if you like Feature Fridays and if you have any request for features.

Have a great day and a lovely week ahead of you...  Take care dear lovelies... wishing you lots of love and joy.
xoxo Maya


  1. Woow it is wonderfull, thxs for share this beauty nails.


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