DIY Glitter Polish (For some winter pick-me-up.)

I've fallen in a little bit of a rut this winter, unfortunately, and I didn't care about polish and fancy manicures very much.  That's bad because I totally am in love with pretty, well polished nails.  

I loooove my wood-fireplace more this winter I guess, specially cause it also had an upgrade :) Reading and writing some letters beside it's warmth is quite comforting.  Then I look at my dry cuticles and charcoaled finger nails... oh, doesn't that make me feel sad :(  Something needs to be done, fast!

I forced myself to some creativity mode and made a DIY glitter polish.  Using some glitters from the dollar store, an old eye-shadow and a top coat, i concocted a perfect hue of pretty-in-pink glitter polish.  Here goes...

Pink glitter, who could be sad now, huh? :D


What do you think?

It did the trick... I felt a sense of pretty-fulfillment later on and a lot of cheer... hee hee... It's also quite noteworthy that since this manicure is loaded with glitter, it also cleaved to my nails quite well, lasting for a week without chips! Talking about durability :)

A generous amount of top-coat is needed to soften the roughness of the glitter.  But not necessary if you like that texture.  I prefer the smooth side, that's why...

The only thing about not having the right kind of polish base is, all the glitter settles into one part of the polish.  I fear that all the glitter there will end up drying and become unusable.  I read that a 'suspension lacquer base" is the way to go if taking the DIY glitter polish seriously.  But for a seldom kick of creativity, it's a very good deal.  It made me feel like a scientist trying to do a science experiment, it was a nice way to lighten up the day.


I am thinking: Another alternative could be - mixing the suitable glitters into a tiny bowl and dipping your fingers into the dry mixture after applying a generous top-coat.  That, instead of mixing the glitters directly into the top-coat. 

This will create a few bowls of dry glitter mixtures  rather than sedimented bottles of nail polish :(
I'm gonna try this next time ;)

Suede+Glitter+Golden Studs = Perfect Manicure :)

Winter this year in Moncton, NB, has been harsher than the last two.  Yes, it's been my third winter here.  Of course, we arrived here, the first time, in the last week of March. Spring was on the way, so there wasn't that much snow anymore and the weather was much lighter.  I think I say it's harsher this time because of the frequent freezing rain that results to slippery roads and walkways.  Otherwise, the snow and ice are quite beautiful to look at from the house window.  There may be other factors surrounding this, but I find this season specially difficult for me.  I blame it on growing up in a tropical country, I could never get used to the cold, hee hee...

I wrote an article about not only on how to Survive the Winter Season but also to Enjoy it.  Really, more than tips and tricks that are dedicated to others, I initially compiled this ones to help me through.  In the end, I thought that as it helped me it can help others too.  Please click here to read the article ;)

One thing I did not mention in that article is sparkly glitter polish.  Don't you find this shiny, glittery prettiness as a weapon against sadness? Something to pull us, precious ladies, through this difficult season, eh?  But of course, if you live in endlessly great weather, glitter and well polished digits can make a great day even more perfect.... giggles....

What do you think of this design?  It's actually my first time using those studs. 

This mani held up pretty well.  I did my nails for some girly fun time the night before I had to do a housecleaning job.  Cleaned away without hand-gloves because I forgot to bring 'em and I only had a little chip at the tip of my pointer finger in the end.  A little touch up made it look fresh and perfect.

Did you like this easy breezy design?  Would you wear it?


Materials Used:
"Inner Sparkle" from Nicole by OPI
"Touch of Taupe" Suede Effect from Avon
Matter top-coat from GOSH
Base Coat from Avon
and some golden studs.