Signs to Look For in a Well Written Crochet Pattern | Plus AmigurumiAnimals

Crochet pattern-writing is a craft I'd really like to be better with.  That involves designing of course, this I have to work on. *wink*  Surely, there are so much more to learn.  Daily, I find new stitches, new techniques.... and the design choices are endless.  Truly, there are many, many talented artist out there. One day, I would like to be included in their ranks. Hoping, ever hoping, that one day, my blog will be as good as theirs. 

That involves posting USEFUL material, right?  Understanding that for a crochet pattern to be useful, I should, not only be able to convey the design in photos, but also give out clear instructions that can easily be followed by others.  In the hopes to fulfill this, I have been working on patterns from books, magazines and from fellow bloggers, studying how they make their patterns as I translate their written ideas into tangible results.