Hello Autumn!!!

Till we see you again, Summer!

Here's the nice, feminine design I was sporting last week :)

I used chunky glitters on my ring-finger combined with fine glitters.
I also applied that same glitter on my tips.
Since I rather spent time with friends to enjoy outdoors this summer,
I used stickers to add the floral I always love at half the time of painting them.

Love that shiny effect of the Polymer top-coat
and I can't get over how the Polymer top coat from Julep made it so durable.

I can't believe that summer is over.
It came and it went like a passing breeze.

Summer was so packed with adventures, it was crazy busy... it almost passed by unnoticed until I pay attention to all the great memories: met a lot of new friends, saw new places and learned new things...   And it's always great to see familiar places with those who are seeing it for the first time.  It's like you see things you've not seen before.  Their feelings reminds me of how it was like for my first time.  I used to be a stranger to Canada, a foreigner looking in.  How I dreamt of coming to this beautiful country and enjoy those post-card views. Now, I actually live here!  Funny how we tend to take things for granted once we get acclimated to our surroundings.  I have not realized how accustomed I am here already until I stay somewhere else for a few days...

I'm sad that summer is over.  But how can you stay sad when you walk around and enjoy the beautiful colors of fall?  And here it is - apple picking!  We said hello to Autumn by traveling 45 minutes southeast of Moncton to Memramcook.  These are not nail art related but so pretty I can't resist but sharing them:

Hello Pumpkins!

I don't know what these grapes are called, do you?
Oh, were they ever so sweet!
Different kinds of Squash and Pumpkins
Are these corn edible?
Or are they just used for Halloween displays?

Oh these looks sooooo good!
I wish I took pictures of how gorgeous the place was too... I know better next time ;)

Deer Island, New Brunswick 2013

A Pinay's Diary

In late September year 2013, I had the privilege of being a part of a special visitation to encourage our Pilipino brothers and sisters in New Brunswick. Not only was I spiritually refreshed from the spiritual gifts the brothers brought with them, my soul was also refreshed by the beauty of God's work of art. We visited quite a few places and Deer Island was one of them. I was thrilled as this is my first time visiting the island myself.  It's a visit with a purpose and adventure!

Easy and Pretty Flowers with a Golden Touch (Nail Art Beginners)


Easy and Pretty Flowers
with a Golden Touch 
Nail Art Beginners

Here's a video tutorial!   

I hope that you enjoy watching this ladies and I hope that you would recreate the design as well. 

 Have fun and I hope that you will have a great week ahead...

 Take care and stay safe!

My "Roman Holiday" Manicure :)

     I was dreaming of a trip to Europe, particularly Rome.  My mother in law suggested that I watch "Roman Holiday."  It's a black and white movie but it shows a lot of Rome.  I was quite hesitant at first but I gave in.  Frankly, it was hubby who doesn't want to get the movie for me to watch, but he gave in, lol...  And it was thoroughly enjoyable! Yes, I did not grow up in the West so I was not very familiar with Audrey Hepburn.  Now, I am.  And I'm totally hooked on the idea of going to Rome. (And here you thought it was about Audrey Hepburn?  Could be... {wink} ;)

     The story was so sweet and quite cute, I was inspired to pull out my nail art set and paint my nails while watching the movie.  I wanted something girly, cheerful, with some elegance.  So I made a design out of gold glitter, coral polish and of course, white flowers.