Monday, July 14, 2014

COSMIC | The Holographic Polish from Avon

Who among us has not been bewildered by the beauty of the universe?

Artist have painted many perceptions of the world around us.  With the aide of technology, now we can have a glimpse of a whole new universe beyond.  It's such a wonder how we are able to notice and appreciate this kind of beauty.  Moreover, we are able to translate that kind of value into a our own expression of art.

First, Someone, with great wisdom and power, came up with the idea of a universe and made it happen.  Then, someone mimicked that beauty and created a very pretty polish-finish - Holos.  So that finally, we can have such beauty at our fingertips and use it to express our own creativity.  Forgive me, I am awestruck! (wink) I might try and do a Galaxy NailArt after this, but first let me show you Cosmic, Avon's version of the holographic polishes. I can't remember how many colors they released in total.  I have four to show you  ;)

 Aurora Point (Purple), Starlight (Yellow), Galaxy (Blue) and Super Nova (Red)

SUPER NOVA: You may click the Super Nova Nail art image below to link you to more photos of this gorgeous polish.

And here are images of the other colors... More photos coming up very soon... Oh you know?  Same mani, different angles... Because we're just like that... We love nail polish and nail art, right? lol...
Here's GALAXY:

STARLIGHT Star bright ;)

AURORA POINT (To see the great Aurora Borealis is in my Bucket List ;)

So, which one is your favorite? Please do leave me a comment below.  Thank you!
Later on, I will be posting more photos for each of the colors.  Please stay tuned...

I hope you enjoy this post.  Wishing you lots of love and joy.  Enjoy!!!

xoxo, Maya


  1. I LoVe the red nail polish with hearts and ribbon... makes me think the one wearing it is so loving and sweet...

  2. Awesome holos. Thxs for share this special polish with us.
    beauty nails and designs. Big Hung from Colombia

    1. Gracias Diana! Thank for checking out my blog... you are sooo sweet. I hug you back from Canada ;) Take care and I hope you visit again! ;)

  3. My favourite might be Galaxy! I love the nail art you did with Super Nova, the little heart shaped studs are so cute!

    1. Thank you hun! I appreciate that ;) Yes the hearts are indeed very cute.


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