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Scarves, Headbands and Earwarmers, Hair Accessories ~ In a matter of a short time, I have learned to crochet some of these and I am loving it...  Well, there is much to learn - really much more! But, I do love what I know so far so much that I am able to accumulate a little stock to support a small Etsy shop {It's hard to stop once I do my first stitch ~ "just one more row."}  Moving forward, I thought of following through on a new motto:

Dream Big!

“You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream.”

Quote from CS Lewis.
So, I am going to channel my new found skills into crocheting something big... big enough to help me have a cozy slumber or a deep, deep sleep, haha...  New skills will be learned in the process, I'm sure of it...

Ideas... Ideas.... 

In between working on some pieces of custom made orders, I am thinking about working on a big project ~ a bed spread.  Like all the projects I started for the first time, I don't know how to go about doing it although I have little bits of ideas.  {Funny how we look at something and think: "Oh I could do that, easy!"  Then execution betrays the thought.  Or is it just me?}  

White - everything in white... This was my initial thought.  I love the clean and refreshing color.  It's so elegant...  Possibly something like in this photo where a fluffy warm material is attached to it, making it even cozier and more inviting. 

Red Flower Stitch Infinity Scarf
Then I saw other pictures on the web that stirred my thoughts into different directions.
Oh how about some colors?  Country rose designs perhaps... {If making a bed spread is but a day dream, a very lofty goal, then I would consider some throw pillow covers first ~ Yup, I think that's more attainable....}

Red Flower Stitch Infinity Scarf
Or spring flowers? {Yes, even an intricate throw like this would really be awesome.  Not as daunting as the size of a double bed!}

{On second thought, it may be really daunting if I consider writing my own pattern for it... Maybe buying a pattern would suit me better? On third thought, where's the 'dream big' in that? haha... Ah, a baby blanket perhaps? }

Red Flower Stitch Infinity Scarf

I will keep looking for some bedspread project ideas to see what best fits my skills, budget and time....  If you have any ideas, please let me know...  
In the meantime, please join me as I day dream...

xoxo Maya

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