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Right now, I am eyeing these beautiful crocheted stuffed toys called Amigurumis.

Did you know that the Japanese had a lot of influence on crochet?  Amigurumi is one of them... It is the crochet of stuff toys, mostly animals, that depicted Japanese culture.  According to Google, it started appealing to the masses in 2012.  Where was I in 2012?  Anyway, now, there are many variations of Amigurumis - it has expanded into baby toys and security blankets, dolls and their accessories, flowers, people... name it. "If you can imagine it, it can be crocheted.." I think this made-up adage applies very well, don't you think?

Amazon has a lot of books on these babies and I am tempted to purchase me a copy.  Before doing that, I thought I should check what's already out there for free. {Being a little budget friendly, since I spent so much on yarn in the last boxing day... *wink*} I discovered a treasure chest of beautiful patterns.

I am filing them in this post for now to serve as an inspiration.  (Then I can save my scrap yarn to start making my bedcover... Oh yeah, I haven't forgotten that, lol)  I am going to try my hand on one of them real soon.  Perhaps my friend who wanted a gift for her soon to be born grandson would want one of these?  Shhh, I have been wondering if I could make one of these for my soon to be born niece.  {Oh, thinking about all the things I want to do can stress me out sometimes... Whispering to self:  One thing at a time.  First go cook your supper... lol}  Or maybe you can get to try one of these yourself.  If you do, please let me know how it goes.

The Elephant Snuggle

You Are My Sunshine

Little Cute Elephant

Sam the Dog by Michelle Wilcox

Frog Charming

The following patterns are from the talented Sharon of
She has this series called Little Big Foot.  Her work is amazing... I found her site and I stopped looking for any other site... {I think she should publish a book :) }  She has copyright restrictions with regards to re-publishing the patterns but we are fortunate as she allows one image to be posted with a link back to her patterns.  Sweet!  And finished products can be sold, wahoo... wanna buy one? lol...

Snuggly Monkey

Little Big Foot Rabbit
You Tube:

Crochet Along Pig


Hmmm, what should I try first?  What would you try first?


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  1. Maya, these are adorable! And there is a little 5-month-old friend I'd make them for, if only I knew how to crochet. I have a friend who will teach me, and when she does I'm coming back here!


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