Apple Blossom Cafe | Hillsborough NB

Welcome to the Apple Blossom Cafe in Hillsborough, New Brunswick, where the staff are super friendly and the atmosphere is so homey. On our way to the Fundy National Park during the weekend, I caught a glimpse of this lovely cafe.  We thought of trying it out for fun. We sat on that table on the left of the cafe :-)  Everything was slow and relaxed, a welcome change from the busy and rushing life we are constantly faced with in the city.

Take A Hike | Fun Day at Fundy

It's that time of year again when we get friends visiting from Toronto.   Oh summer.  Of course, we love to show them around.  Our most favorite thing to do is a hike in the park.  And what better way to show off than taking them to  the wonderful Fundy National Park.  Nothing beats nature, right?  We live just an hour and a half away.  The drive is very scenic, so the site-seeing starts from departure.  For friends who have limited time, we love to hike the Dickson Falls and Caribou Planes.  These trails are beautiful, easy and quick, you can even bring along your baby {our friend did that, lol}.  In between the two trails, we had a nice picnic at the Bennett Lake.  Please read more to see more photos of the hike...

If I Could Fly | A Year In The World

Tea Cup Collection

If you can have some sort of super power, what would you like it to be?

If I could fly, I would travel the world.
Little wonder I was attracted to this book the instant I saw it in the library.  What a great title! - "A Year In the World." It invokes wanderlust and adventure... lot's of adventure.  Have you heard about or read this book?  What do you think?

Tea Cup Collection

Speaking of flying, I would like to share with you my one and only aviary tea cup for our Tea Cup Tuesday.  This cup is made in England by the Queen Anne company.   It is part of a five-teacup-and-saucer lot I got from ebay almost 7 years ago.  The seller was from Australia.  Isn't it wonderful to think how this tea cup flew around the world to reach me?

Oceans and Sunsets

One day, when I was in grade school, I asked my lolo (grandfather) to design the cover of my book report for me.  He was busy working on something that day but without hesitation, he took my book report and began sketching.  He sketched a scene similar to what I did today (his was a lot better, of course).  I was almost disappointed at how light his hand was, scribbling, drawing lines, then putting a little bit of life to it using some colored pencils...  He did it as if carelessly, so relaxed... I thought he was just playing with my cover, not taking it seriously... I was right, he was just playing.  But I was wrong too, he was taking it seriously.  He's heart was in the sketch that he did it ever so cheerfully and excellently.  Finally, he used a marker to write down the book title and my name.  I got a lot of compliments for my work, my teacher even decided to keep it as an example for future students.  Until today, this scene is my favorite sketch and will always be memorable to me.

Funny how little things in our childhood could become one of our most treasured memories, eh?

Would you tell us something you fondly remember of when you were a child?

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Blissful Solitary Wanderings

Majestic mountains, hiking, water falls, fishing, camping.... you name it... I want to go and stay here someday... a day or two... or a whole week.  Please see Charlene's adventures in this place {Sweden and Norway} in her blog Blissful Solitary Wanderings, and surely you would understand why this blog inspires me so much.  In fact, it is the reason why I started blogging.  :-)  Her photos are splendid and her story telling is so moving.
{Warning:  This blog can cause a severe case of wanderlust.  And it is contagious.}

"Though you are miles away, I feel you so close in my heart.
Thank you for letting me wander through your adventures like I was there with you.
And someday, perhaps, I just might be."

What kinds of things would you like to do, 
or what places in the world would you like to see before you kick the bucket?

Happy Weekend!

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My First Live Sports Game | FIFA Women's World Cup

This summer, (first week of July) Moncton was privileged to host some of the preliminary games for the FIFA Women's Worldcup.  Here are some photos I took during one of the games.  
This was my first wordcup game, wahoo!  We watched Costa Rica versus Brazil.


Gratitude is born in hearts
that take time to
count up past mercies.

~ Charles E. Jefferson

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In Loving Memory | High Tea To Remember a Dear Mother, Family, Friend

Tea Party | High Tea

"A good name is better than good oil,
and the day of death is better than the day of birth.
Better to go in the house of mourning
than in the house of feasting,
for that is the end of everyman,
and the living should take it to heart."

If Someday I Would Forget Who I am | A Tribute to Friends with Alzheimer's Disease | St. Martins NB, Canada

St Martins New Brunswick NB

If someday I would be lost in a turbulent sea of unremembrance,
Would you be the lighthouse that guides me to the safety of the shores?
If someday I would forget who I am,
Would you help me remember...

How I tried new things I haven't tried before...
the sense of adventure and vigor in youthful days...
Maybe I traveled somewhere awesome,
discovered things undreamed of,
breathed the air of a strange land,
tasted foods, drank tea,
kissed the sands of shores somewhere far away from home.

The Moncton Street Car Show and Concerts 2015

Fondly called Car Show, The Atlantic Nationals Automotive Extravanganza, was held in Moncton from July 9-12, this last weekend.  Once a year, the downtown core of Moncton becomes alive with car enthusiasts not only from Atlantic Canada, but from as far as Manitoba and British Columbia.  There are many spectators, too, who doesn't know a bit about cars, but who enjoy the live entertainment, food and the chance to mingle with a crowd of people.  Visitors to the Car Show are from all walks of life and all ages.  Who wouldn't want to look at fancy cars and enjoy some exciting music and exhilarating company, right?

Comfort and Friendship | St Martins New Brunswick Canada

St Martins New Brunswick NB

Isn't it beautiful... so serene... so peaceful? 
The salty air made breathing so easy. 
When it is but the natural thing to do:  
To close your eyes and deeply inhale, 
fill your chest with air,
Feel every wind that goes through you;
Then release the air through your lips ever so slowly,
while you gently open your eyes,
To see winsome blue skies
and stout white clouds.
Ah!  What a view.

Blue Bow Nail Art | Favorite Polish

What is your favorite color and favorite nail art design?
Corals, yellows, pinks..... Those are mostly my favorite colors... very girly, very bright and cheerful.  Love happy colors!!! Although it appears that something else is a real favorite, maybe at the moment, maybe have been all along... Blue!  A friend recently help a nail art contest and she asked: "If you could be a nail polish bottle, what would you be and what color."  I answered: Maya by Zoya.  My vanity dictates that I pick a name sake and my current fave color: Coral... So why Blue?

Make My Eyes Pass On | A Silver Plated Tea Strainer

Silver Plated Tea Strainer

"Turn my eyes away from seeing what is worthless,
Preserve me alive in your way."

~Psalm 119:37
Silver Plated Tea Strainer

Lately, I have been into reading and it has encouraged me to try some creative writing...
Here is my take on a simple conversation and an exciting cup of tea.
I hope you read this 
and afterwards you could tell me 
if there is any hope for me in this field, haha!
Have a great day!

To Love and Be Loved | Monday's Meditations

What does love mean to you?

love | pretty nails and tea

Love is patient and kind. 
Love is not jealous.
It does not brag, 
does not get puffed up,
does not behave indecently,
does not look for its own interests,
does not become provoked.
It does not keep account of the injury. 
It does not rejoice over unrighteousness,
but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things,
believes all things,
hopes all things,
endures all things.
Love never fails.

I Will Not Abandon You | A Short Story

Do you believe these words?
Do you trust that He will keep his promises?
Is it really the course of wisdom to be honest?

We always have a choice, always...