Make My Eyes Pass On | A Silver Plated Tea Strainer

Silver Plated Tea Strainer

"Turn my eyes away from seeing what is worthless,
Preserve me alive in your way."

~Psalm 119:37
Silver Plated Tea Strainer

Lately, I have been into reading and it has encouraged me to try some creative writing...
Here is my take on a simple conversation and an exciting cup of tea.
I hope you read this 
and afterwards you could tell me 
if there is any hope for me in this field, haha!
Have a great day!


She walked so gracefully towards the kitchen to make some tea.  A teapot on hand, she scoops some dried leaves from a pretty little canister into the pot, "One for you, one for me, and one for the tea pot," said she in a soothing, singing tone.

Then she poured out some water from her ever dependable water dispensing device, a push of a button releases the hot water... the sound of waterfalls filled the tiny room while some steam created a haze around the pot.  "Hmmm, this is going to be a lovely tea," she announced.  I quite agree as the sweet scents of tea, flowers, fruits and honey danced in the air.  It gave me a little thrill, seeing her pick the shiny, silvery strainer from the table, placed it over my tea cup, and poured some of that delicious tea.

Do you ever get that feeling of simply wanting to close your eyes, inhale ever so deeply, only to hold your breath a little while to savor that pleasant aroma; while you exhale to allow the vapor of the tea liquor soothe your tired skin?

"You know what this reminds me of?," she inquires as I savor the moment, I got lost in my thoughts without realizing it.  "Make my eyes pass on from seeing what is worthless..." she pronounced clearly though she looks so far away... Then she looked back at me, kind eyes and determined lips... a weak smile as she cherished a momentary silence. The look that sort of allures your spirit yet bewilders your heart... I'm frozen, tea cup pressed against my lips, holding my breath 'til she speaks again...

She turned her eyes into the table as if inviting me to look towards that direction as well.  "The strainer allowed me to pour out the tea into the cups without leaving big chunks of soaked tea with it... we can enjoy our tea without worrying about the bits and pieces that may choke us.  It makes me think of life..." she paused, her gaze back at me.  Oh, she has such a dear face and lovely voice that I just love listening to.  "Things come and go in our lives, many times not by accident.  Our eyes are very powerful in capturing things that affects our hearts and minds.  We must be vigilant to guard our eyes from seeing things that can hurt us... we must take courage to pass on worthless things around us however readily available they are..."  She paused as if inviting me to finish her words...  Squinted eyes, lips pressed together, a little stammering until I found the words: "Uh .. Like a strainer... we don't let every sort of thing pass through just because they are there," I softly nodded in agreement, she laughed while spoke a little more, "we can enjoy life better if we have the discipline to stain out bad and let only the good enter our heart and minds..."  Her eyes bright, intently fixed on me "That's right.  But do you need to be exposed to every sort of thing in order to filter what's good from what's bad?" Her tone a little more firm but gentle.  "No, some things can hurt us even when we are only exposed for a brief time.  Hence, we must not even look at them."  I was quite sure at this determination.

"Right!" she assented thoughtfully..."you are very discerning, it will serve you well."

I turned to take another sip... My! I haven't even noticed that I emptied my cup.  She seemed to have heard unspoken words.  Motioned me to lower my cup, she took the strainer, placed it on my cup and poured more of that lovely, aromatic infusion.


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  1. I love the Old Country Roses teacup and that is a pretty tea strainer! Your story is a good one with a thoughtful message within. Thanks for sharing and joining me for tea today.


  2. Thank you for sharing such an interesting story. Food for thought!

  3. What a beautiful strainer! Your story has made me viewed strainers in a whole new light!

  4. Good-morning Maya... Old Country Rose is always lovely on a table ... Super strainer,... It look antique and does remind me of a by gone days.... and a story... Expression and creativity is always worth the effort ... Write on ...I enjoyed your teatime thoughts...Hugs

  5. I think your story is lovely...and so true! Well done! And, of course, I love the teacup and the strainer. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  6. A lovely story and beautiful photos. Strainers are such fun and we all love Old Country Roses!


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