The Moncton Street Car Show and Concerts 2015

Fondly called Car Show, The Atlantic Nationals Automotive Extravanganza, was held in Moncton from July 9-12, this last weekend.  Once a year, the downtown core of Moncton becomes alive with car enthusiasts not only from Atlantic Canada, but from as far as Manitoba and British Columbia.  There are many spectators, too, who doesn't know a bit about cars, but who enjoy the live entertainment, food and the chance to mingle with a crowd of people.  Visitors to the Car Show are from all walks of life and all ages.  Who wouldn't want to look at fancy cars and enjoy some exciting music and exhilarating company, right?

Trust me, you won't see this kind of crowd any other time here... it's quite thrilling!

Here are some cars on the street that caught my attention.
The first one is my mother's favorite.  She took a selfie with this very admirable car.

Then hubby's favorite.
Notice the car within the car?  I thought that was really "cute."  If I may use that term for cars, lol...

I liked this truck very much because it reminds me of Mather from the Disney movie Cars.  Video taken earlier during the day, the crowd was still thin.
(This is my first time uploading videos, please let me know if it works

Live musical entertainment was shown all throughout the day on Friday.  At noontime, a large orchestra played beautiful tunes that are both refreshing and exciting.  Too bad I was there after noon and only arrived in time for the last song.  Ouch!  I watched them pack their instruments with a heavy heart, wishing I was there much earlier.  Please don't go, one more song, please?!?!  I didn't say that out loud, lol... Oh well, next year, maybe?  I walked around several times, awaiting for my family to join me soon after work.

The streets were alive with free concerts and buskers too!  Musical choice is so varied it can cater to any taste, age and genre.  Centemporary, rock and roll, mellow, jive, country... name it! Have a pick...

To escape the heat for a while, I walk over, just a few steps, inside the library to see what other troubles I could get into.  I took some time to read about Einstein, very interesting, I don't know, just had the sudden urge to read something "worthwhile."  The book is so thick that I decided I'd continue reading that next time I go back to the library.  I checked out instead a small book on Winston Churchill quotations and a travel journal called A Year In The Word, trying to broaden the extent of my reading somehow.  While walking about and staring at cars, I dragged my two books along with me, pretending to be some studious person, ha ha!  If they only knew... :D 

Alas my family arrived, we sat in Cafe C'est La Vie to enjoy some Korean supper while we enjoy a live band entertaining us with some love songs and upbeat Uptown Funk music.  If that wasn't enough, we sat by the make-shift stage in front of the city hall to watch another concert.  Mother enjoyed this very much, she was picked to be one of the 'shakers' on stage, winning a free CD for herself.

Mother and Father had to work very early in the morning so we didn't stay for the last band to play.  They were to play until midnight.  The space in front of us at the concert was spacious, a good thing for Hubby is not so keen about crowds.  It was very deceiving as you would think there was not much people.  We barely got out of there!  Behind us and all over the concert stage was packed with people, shoulder to shoulder enjoying every bit of the show.  They were not happy with us hitting knees and elbows even with constant apology trying to squeeze our way out.  Sorry friends!

This was my first time attending the car show and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The car show continued the next day at the Centennial Park.  Because we lived so close by, we heard the loud music, the roaring of engines and squealing of tires.  We would have gone but the $10 entrance fee scared us... bunch of wimps huh?  Kidding, it was Saturday and we had other things to do... save it for another time :-)

So, this was my exciting weekend in this lovely corner of the world.  How was yours?

~* Maya *~

Up next, a separate post for our visit to Cafe C'est La Vie... I so dream of having my own cafe, that's why... What do you dream about?

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