My First Live Sports Game | FIFA Women's World Cup

This summer, (first week of July) Moncton was privileged to host some of the preliminary games for the FIFA Women's Worldcup.  Here are some photos I took during one of the games.  
This was my first wordcup game, wahoo!  We watched Costa Rica versus Brazil.

Some call it football, some soccer.  In the Philippines, we refer to it as the latter.  Football for us would be what others call rugby
Some photos I've taken during their warm up exercises.  It was quite hard to take photos in action, during the games I mean.  During the warm up, the players were doing this repeatedly.
You can tell I'm not quite the sporty one.  {Afternoon tea with a book, more likely...}  I was excited to attend these games for the sake of, once in my life I could say: "Oh yes, I've been to a game like that!"  Cheesy huh?  That is wanderlust speaking there, haha!

I had some idea of the rules and going-ons in the game but I found them too far to really enjoy and see the action.  I was also missing a commentator, it felt too quiet.  Is that just on TV where they comment on every move.... "She scores!!!" something like that... or, "oh, that was close... a good block from 'Gabrielle'..." Well, hubby did it for me, he acted as the commentator as best as he can and the other ones sitting around us didn't seem to mind.  In fact, the lady just in front of us started to ask questions as if acting as a secondary commentator.  That was fun.
Then somewhere in the audience, someone started that 'wave'... that was an exciting part of the game.  Besides, of course, when the team we were cheering for actually scored a goal.  Although we finished supper before we went to the games, we thought it would be fun to try the 'dome snacks', some popcorn and drinks maybe?  Trying to blend in, you see.  But my!!! Great balls of fire!  The food were enormously expensive.  Oh well... {Just curious, they give you the plastic bottled drinks without the cap, they said we might throw it on the grounds.  hmp}
Now what is the purpose of this one?  The half-time break was quiet {washroom break mostly}  except for this...
These lights made it look like daylight.  Although it was almost 11 pm, the game grounds were as bright as day.  I wonder why they weren't turned off even during the day... power?... power?...
My papa posing behind the bleachers were we were sitting.  It was his first live world cup as well.
To a greater goal...
Hubby said that hockey is much more exciting than this.  That may be because he's Canadian, hehehe. He grew up on ice.  I haven't been to a hockey game, someday maybe.

Everybody seemed to think that it's a done game - Brazil will take it, no question.  So I secretly hoped Costa Rica would win.  It was also fun cheering against hubby.  Well?  Brazil proved everyone right.  They won :-)

Someday, what I would really want to see is a live NBA game.
Have you been to any sort of live games?

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun. I've never seen a live professional soccer game.

    1. Yes, I went for the fun of it and it was... I think the people that you are with makes all the difference :-)

  2. Yes. I like different experiences, even if some are not my usual attraction. I am not a sporty person, but I would still like to see some final games in important venues. Great action shot at the goal posts.

    1. Thank you Gemma :-)
      I agree with you. Experiencing new things keeps life interesting. Someday, I would love to see the big games too. Even if it's just the opening. They are always grand! hehehe

  3. I just had to visit a blog called Pretty Nails and Tea! Your "You can tell I'm not quite the sporty one. {Afternoon tea with a book, more likely...}" sounds just like me! I post a *lot* about tea and tea sandwiches (cucumber, etc) and tea treats. The only professional game I've ever attended was a major league baseball game. I had more fun than I had expected to! :D

    1. I love you banana muffin recipe, I love banana muffins very much. I intentionally buy lots of bananas so that when they over ripe I could make muffins. I will surely try your recipe. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will go and check out your tea post as I do like tea adventures very much too :-) Happy Weekend!

  4. Great sports shots! Love that it is the women playing ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

    1. Hi Carol, thank you for stopping by... I appreciate it. You could expect me in your blog often as well. I love the sea and how great that you live in a sea port. That is exciting!


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