Nice to Meet You

My name is Maya, a girl from the Pearl Of the Orient - Philippines.

I now live a very quiet life somewhere in the west.  Coming to the West from my little place in Southeast Asia was a looong journey (13 years + 27 hours). A journey filled with adventures:  a childhood in the tropical heat of the islands (it was hot but lovely beaches!), a pleasant sojourn in China (talk about all the tea), lived the life of a nanny in Toronto (Do you have kids? What kids?) and now a beautiful life with my hubby here in New Brunswick (where on earth is New Brunswick? - Where snow is the greatest produce :p ).

Whim gave birth to this blog {oh, just wanna try that blog-thing, you know?} - one that had been an adventure in itself.  I picked out two of the things I am quite fascinated about at that time and rolled them to one:  Pretty Nails and Tea.  I painted my nails because a friend did it the first time, she placed flowers and polka dots on my nails and I thought it was cute, everyone else thought it was cute.  Wait, I could do that too?!? So I did.  No, It's not about fashion and fads or anything... far from it... And tea? Because I have a cupboard full of tea, honey, rock sugar... and mugs, cups, infusers... you name it! (Let's blame that on China, haha!)

This blog has changed overtime.  It's been a little journal, a treasure chest to store adventures I desire to preserve and share with the people I love with the hopes of keeping them close to me though they are oceans away.  You know, being away from home, I kind of have that "wish you were here / wish I was there" conundrum.  So sometimes, I write them up and hope that someone out there would read it.

It also allows me to reminisce good times and pleasant memories so when life gets dark and cloudy, I could retrace my footsteps and find courage to go on.  Sounds dramatic, eh? I know, 'nostalgy' feels as funny as it sounds.

Okay, it's just about sharing my experiences with things I like to dabble with:  nail arts, tea, crochet, traveling, photography, writing... Oh! whatever else life brings.  Life is more fun with some spontaneity, isn't it?  So, this blog, really is as spontaneous treasure chest of everyday adventures.


I have a day job too :-) That is working with an Alzheimer's disease patient and sometimes, I just have the urge to document stuff so that someday I will have a means to remember... I wrote this poem for her.

If someday I would be lost in a turbulent sea of unremembrance,
Would you be the lighthouse that guides me to the safety of the shores?
If someday I would forget who I am,
Would you help me remember...

How I tried new things I haven't tried before...
the sense of adventure and vigor in youthful days...
Maybe I traveled somewhere awesome,
discovered things undreamed of,
breathed the air of a strange land,
tasted foods, drank tea,
kissed the sands of shores somewhere far away from home.
Please help me remember...
That while I was away I was missed.

How I lived, 
Maybe I lived to help someone, even one, breathe a little better;
maybe I reflected a little sunshine that made us live,
maybe sprinkled a little rain that refreshed us,
the sorrows and the laughter that wiped them away,
despair and the courage it took to overcome them,
Please help me remember...
The friends who touched our lives,
Family who stood by our sides and never gave up on us,
The faith that kept us strong, hope that kept us going...
For in life, we know, that is what matters most.

How I loved, 
...for I loved with all my heart.
If someday I would forget who I am,
Please help me remember you, for you are the one I loved,
And always remember, please, I will always love you.
Love, Maya


  1. This is just very touching Miss Maya! I'm so glad to have known you especially through this post! I feel so honored to be here at your blog. I really admire Filipinos living in abroad especially those like you who are proud of being one, just like my brother who is living in the USA almost all his life, he is still so proud to be Filipino and really worked hard to talk our Language. ngayon po derechong derecho na sya magtagalog kahit hindi naman sya umuuwi dito ng madalas ;)

    Keep it up Maam and I am so proud of you! Spread teh Filipino Love!


    PS I bookmarked your blog na :)

    1. Thank you very much Steven. You are very sweet and I appreciate your words very much, very sincere. You really touched my heart. May you be blessed for your kindness.

  2. Hi Maya! Love love love your blog, especially your nail art gallery! We'd love to feature your My Beauty Spot designs on our socials and our site :)

    1. Oh really? That's fantastic. Please feel free to feature me on your site. Thank you so much!


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