Some Wedding Reflections | Tea Time

Over the weekend, hubby and I attended a beautiful wedding.  Those invited were few, so I was over the moon privileged to have been a part of it.  The occasion felt very intimate and romantic.  Upon arrival at the hall, the bride and groom were at the door greeting and welcoming visitors.  It was something new.  At first I felt like, "Oh dear bride, why are you here?  Rest in a room somewhere..."  I was meditating on typical weddings were the guests and the groom waits with much anticipation for the arrival of the bride and everyone awed by her beauty and gown. Then she said: "I feel very nervous.  This way, I get to visit with my guests already and get comfortable.  Once I walk down the aisle, I won't have that awkward feeling anymore.  They are my friends!"  Ah, I never thought of that before... I guess if there is one do-over about my own wedding, this would be it {{ All the guests were inside the hall, they were early.  I arrived with my entourage just in time, I haven't seen my friends and family yet.  When I entered the hall, there they were, all staring at me.  Tears... Yes, I was nervous and excited at the same time.  Such loving but expectant eyes, I couldn't help it.... Tears...}} For my friend though, she and her groom were the first to arrive at the hall.  By the time the wedding started, they know each and every single one in the audience.