Unconditional Surrender | Civitavvechia, Rome

Unconditional Surrender
Civitavecchia, Rome, Italy

I caught sight of a lady on her own watching the The Kiss of the nurse and the unknown soldier;  Hm, wonder what she was thinking.  I hope that she is with someone and her wait will soon be over.  The first time I got curious about The Kiss is when I watched a movie called Letters to Juliet; such a romantic movie that was.  I've always wanted to see Times Square since...  and Italy, of course! So, when I saw this statue in Rome, I was very surprised, a little confused... and excited to photobomb the couple. They were strangers, I heard, yet the nurse allowed the kiss without reservations.  Thus dubbed, the Unconditional Surrender.

Hubby and I tried to mimic the kiss, all our photographs came out funny, real comedic.  Nothing more can be expected from a bunch of goofballs, I guess, ha ha!  I was furious that hubby and I can't get a romantic shot like they have.  Hubby said: "C'mon darling, they weren't married yet."  Was his teasing reply followed by a wink and a gentle squeeze of the hand.  Now, I realize, it's more fun to look at goofy pictures than those reserved, shy-to-smile-and-pose photos... can't help but laugh when I look at them.

Norwegian Jade
Civitavvechia Rome Port

Civitavecchia, Rome is our first Port for our Mediterranean cruise.  This is where we get on board and alight after.  On our way to the ship, this place (where the Unconditional Surrender is stationed) was busy with tourists and photographers offering to take photos for them, at a price of course.  Coming from the ship, at the end of the cruise, this place was empty.  I saw opportunities to take photos in both occasions. 

The above photo shows our ship on dock.  This is how most Ports of Call looks like, not too touristy yet.  A shuttle bus or a ship's tender would take us to the next city where we could begin our sight-seeing; or from there, take the train to other major tourist sites.  In Civitavecchia, a double-decker red tourist bus is already waiting to take interested tourist for a tour of Rome, therefore saving some money taking the train.

Mediterranean Cruise
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  1. I don't find the plaster casts of the people of Pompeii creepy but I find the huge statue creepy lol

    1. Hehehe, that's funny. We're the reverse. Thank you for all your comments in my posts. I appreciate your taking the time to visit my blog and leaving messages. That is very kind of you, Jennifer.

  2. My darling Maya,
    you truly love Italy, don't you ?
    And I'm so glad of it ...

    Sending much love and thankfulness

    1. Hello Sweet Daniela,
      Yes, I love Italy... Before this epic cruise, I watched a lot of movies that has Rome and Italy on it. Letters to Juliet was one. Time was short and can't tour many places in Italy, so hopefully, someday we could go back. If only fares and vacation times come cheap, lol. I am glad for your blog too as it shares with more angles of Italy that are so interesting. I might not be able to see them in person but at least I saw them through your eyes...

      you are so sweet, I appreciate your kindness :-)

  3. You've got me wanting to find out why, when, and how the town put up the statue. I don't think Time Square has one. When you mentioned that you and your husband took photos of yourselves in the pose, I thought we'd get to see one of the pictures. :-)
    Take 25 to Hollister

    1. I know, eh? I consulted Dr Google about that statue as soon as we came home (wifi you see :-)

      Hehehe, I almost did post the photos... but... too personal I think :D
      Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and leaving me a comment.

  4. That is a beautiful place and spot! I also saw that statue on its location at San Diego, California last June :) It was huge!!! Oh and Miss Maya!!! I love letters to Juliet so much! Such a beautiful movie!

    1. Oh that was a lovely movie, isn't it? I could not get tired of it...
      Isn't that statue amazing? I'm glad that they had one in Rome, beautiful spot, I think... I hope one day I would see that one in California as well :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Oh yes! Wish I could do it again... another cruise at another awesome place... Thanks for dropping by and sharing these experiences with me :-)

  6. I loved Letters to Juliet!! That was an underrated RomCom/movie. It totally made me want to visit Verona (which I did) and wasn't disappointed.

    1. Oh Im glad you got to visit Verona... That is my wish too but didn't make it when we went to Italy... but one day... maybe :-)


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