Monday, September 14, 2015

Moon Cakes and Tea on a Rainy Autumn Day

Hopiang Ube at Hopiang Baboy / 'Kundol'
(Purple Yum and Winter Melon moon cakes)

It's been rainy all day today.  I like the rain.  It reminds me of  the Philippines.  My sister and I used to play in the rain when we were young.  There was constant rain {monsoons, really} in the city where we grew up.  We would often come home from school soaking wet.  This is expected and we were ready for it.  Our books and school stuff are wrapped in plastic and we usually have waterproof backpacks.  No rainboots thank you very much.  It will only accumulate water and will make it hard to run.  Rubber sandals are just fine.  Now, I still enjoy the rain... as long as I'm inside dry and having tea,  I'm okay {Well, a little homesick, but I'm okay}.   Age is taking it's toll, maybe.

I also have a special treat that reminds me of the Philippines today:  Pilipino style moon cakes.
Our Chinese friends the world over will soon be celebrating the Autumn Festival with their delicious moon cakes.   These cakes are significant to them and are made of different ingredients for different flavors.  A famous {and expensive} flavor is the lotus.  Special moon cakes contain salted duck eggs. 

For Pilipinos, the most common is hopiang baboy. Which means moon cake pig, literally.  I don't know, maybe because pig fat is used as oil?  It is made from kundol, winter melon.  There are also many other different flavors such as ube {purple yum} and monggo {mung beans}.  Real Pilipino hopia use pure ube or monggo versus cheaply done versions are made of flour that is only flavored and colored to look like the real thing {That's what is usually available abroad... sad... maybe I'll learn to make it one day?... maybe...}.  Whatever the case, these treats are perfect for a meryenda {afternoon snack and beverage}.

Hubby and I visited some friends in Montreal, Quebec a few days ago and they took me to a Chinese Market full of Pilipino goodness.  Me like a child in a candy store is an understatement.  I got some hopia or moon cakes for myself and as presents for my friends.  My Canadian friends weren't fans of this treat.  But for Pilipinos, these cakes plus some green tea is like a hug from home on a cool rainy day.

Isn't this pink tea cup pretty?  It's from a company called Sutherland and is made in England.  I got it from an antique shop in Moncton a long while ago.  Does it make you imagine of Cinderella's wedding gown in her latest movie?  I thought so... ;-)

This very convenient mug is from David's Tea.  I got it on sale on their last spring sale.  I like it cause it has a stainless steel filter for easy infusion of loose leaf teas and a lid to help keep the tea warm.  The mug is dishwasher safe though I elect to hand wash it anyway...

P.S. Just another little trivial conversation.
You may be familiar with Pilipinos and the Philippines?  The Philippines is a cluster of little islands in Southeast Asia, and we Pilipinos are everywhere!  lol...  The name "Philippines" is in honor of the King of Spain, King Philip.  It may be logical then to call it's inhabitants, Philippinos, right?  Like those from the USA are called Americans, from Canada are called Canadians, Vietnam is Vietnamese... so forth... But it is not in the natural tongue of the Pilipinos to pronounce 'f' or 'ph' sounds nor does repeating letters for a single pronunciation make sense, hehehe...  So, Philippino to us is simply Pilipino. ;-)

Have a nice day friends! 


  1. What a lovely and happy post. I love your china - old and new - and curious about those mkoon cakes - never heard of them. It makes me happy that you were reminded of home when you had them.

    It's neat to learn more about The Phillipines. I should love to see that part of the world one day.

    Thanks for your visit and sweet comments. : - )

  2. Hi! Your moon cakes looks yummy! And your old English cup is so pretty! I love pretty teacups too! Happy Mosaic Monday!

  3. Maya, I have never had moon cakes. Although I have read about them. It's interesting that you found some in Montreal. We have a lot of sweet Philipino girls working at the nursing home where my mother lives. Some of them go to the gym where my hubby goes and the girls are always so friendly. Your soft pink teacup is gorgeous! I haven't seen the Cinderella movie yet but wanted to see it very much. Waiting for it to come out on DVD or TV. It is always a pleasure to have you join me for tea. Have a lovely week.


  4. Those moon cakes look very interesting. I have had Philipino food but never those. Your cup and saucer are very pretty.

  5. Perfect for a rainy day and lovely photos! ~ very elegant!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  6. Oh how delightful. You classy-ed up the hopias. That's a pretty neat idea. I might copy that!

    Worth a Thousand Words

  7. Lovely photos!
    Thanks for linking up at

  8. What a lovely teacup, Maya. I've enjoyed hopia before but I can't recall if I've tried the ube version...

  9. I love that pale pink cup! It is so beautiful. Your treats look so good. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  10. I love your pretty and feminine pink tea cup and saucer and your Moon Pies look so delicious. I always bought sweet pork filled moon pies from a Chinese bakery when I lived in NY. They are harder to find out here in Colorado. We could use some rain --please send some our way! ;)

  11. The China tea cups are perfect for a cup of tea but the moon cakes are not for me. Maybe they are an acquired taste.

  12. Your tea is presented so prettily. I"m glad you had a nice reminder of home on a rainy day. Tomorrow we are getting back to rain where I live after a week of sun and a week of rain. We didn't have rain for months so now we are making up for it. Have a great week.!

  13. enjoyed your post today, the moon cakes look delicious!

  14. It was interesting to read about moon cakes - something I've never heard of. You are so right in saying the foods of home can help assuage a bout of homesickness. Lovely tea cup.

  15. What a delightful way to spend a rainy day :)

  16. I've heard of moon cakes but never had one, might have some at the asian market. I keep meaning to go and have a look around to see what they have for sale

  17. An enlightening post about the moon cakes and the explanation of Pilipinos. I've had moon cakes at The Mandarin Restaurant but perhaps they are Canadian-altered for taste? :-)
    Love your mug from David's Maya, thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  18. Yummmm, moon cakes. I haven't eaten them in many moons.
    Take 25 to Hollister

  19. I love the pink vintage china - gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  20. My dearest Maya
    I didn't know Moon Cakes yet, they look so 'beautiful' and inviting, so yummy .. I wonder how delicious they are !
    And your mug is so tender and sweet ... thank you for this lovely post talking about a happy heart !

    With dear love and gratitude


  21. Oops, suddenly see mooncake in your blog...

  22. Such sweet reminisces and wonderful photos of tea and moon cakes - you have made me hungry!


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