Spa in an Ancient City | Pompeii, Italy

Pompeii Naples Italy
Baths of Pompeii, Naples Italy
Baths of Pompeii, Naples Italy

The Baths
Pompeii, Naples Italy

During our visit to Pompeii, we were only shown a small sampling of the baths.  The day was filled with exciting places to see and things to do, Pompeii was actually our last destination of the day and it's getting late.  We had to make sure the cruise ship does not leave us.  Many times we feel like contestants in the Amazing Race, not against each other but with adventure, thrill and time.  Time!  And of course, the tour company wants to leave some time for us to shop around and help with the economy. :-D  I got myself a few magnets and a book :-)

The little piece of the baths that we saw were impressive.  Complete with hot and cold rooms and a separate room for male and female, the old baths of Pompeii makes me imagine of 5 star spa these days. (Not that I've been to any of them... Would love to, though...  And you know, imagination is limitless, right?)  What makes it even more impressive is that there weren't any fancy technology at that time.  Yet, the Pompeians managed to create the temperature controlled rooms.  Floors were elevated.  Underneath were aqueducts where hot water runs through and releases heat.  I probably need to consult history books for more accurate information on that...  I remember one snippet of the tour guide's words:  "Fever is a sign that the body is fighting something.  Therefore, they've created artificial heat to help the body fight its ailments."  That's why they think baths can do miracles! (*wink*).

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  1. Miss Maya! With every post you share, whether it be the amazing pictures or the beautiful story! It makes me feel like I'm in Pompeii too with NatGeo People! Thank you so much for sharing these! The reliefs on the baths are just amazing especially how the paint is still in there after the big catastrophe!


  2. I visited Pompeii maybe 10 years ago, it was raining. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So much history - so gorgeous!

  4. time limits are one reason I don't do guided tours, always either traveled on my own or with hubby so have never had to rush for anything. that and being able to leave a place when I wanted and not stuck to a planned schedule. don't get me wrong, tours can be great for people, just not for me. :)

    love the photos, neat to see that even after all this time they still have colour on the walls :)

  5. Greetings from Dubai! Really enjoyed going through your post. Have a great week ahead! Will be back soon...


  6. These ruins are our little peeks to past life. They fascinate me.

  7. So much history around that area and magnificent ruins to see and photgraph

  8. I love the history in these photos!

  9. ahhh beautiful....i really love the look of the ruins in the first shot!

  10. This sounds like an incredible location for a spa, maybe not particularly relaxing I would have thought?


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