No Angry Fire

The Citadel, Historic Site
Halifax, Nova Scotia

To the townspeople of old Halifax, these flags used to convey messages:  For one, the name of the ship coming to port and it's cargo as well as ships that are leaving.  Family members of sailors watch these flags eagerly to signal the return of their loved ones.  It will also sound out the warning in case there is an invasion.  Thankfully, there never was.   No Angry Fire was ever shot in the Citadel of Halifax, it's formidable walls deterred would be conquerors.  All we have is a blank shot to demonstrate the artillery, for the amusement of curious tourists {like me}. 

A few days ago, I was catching up on Amazing Race Canada, I've missed a few episodes but confident that I can watch the recordings.  In one of the episodes, the contestants had to spot the site of the next clue by looking for the red-and-yellow flag.  Guess where the flag was?  Of course, on one of these flag masts at the Citadel.  For an infrequent traveler {we were in Halifax just a few weeks ago}, it is quite a nice feeling:   watching a show on TV and excitedly exclaiming, "I've been there!"  Won't you agree?


  1. been there too :) was great walking around and we got to see a drum parade when we there. def worth a visit even if a person isn't too into military stuff

  2. A nice sharing and a nice meet up with you.

  3. Oh what beautiful photos Miss Maya! I am always fascinated with flags whether they be state flags or naval alphabets! And I do agree with the "Oh I've been there" feeling whenever I see a place I've been to on TV! Especially the Telenovela shot at SF that is airing right now in ABS-CBN, oh how I love seeing those places :D


  4. Fascinating images - great!!
    Thanks for linking up at

  5. Great photographs.

    Thanks for sharing.



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