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Corinthian Columns
Pompeii, Naples Italy

The first sight we see as soon as we enter the walls of Pompeii are these Corinthian Columns.  I cannot hide my excitement, we are visiting an ancient world to relive its glory.  It was nice to set aside self consciousness for a while and just go right in the middle of the field, raise your arm and slowly turn 360 degrees,  look at the things around and breathe it all in.  Right away we were impressed at the fine engineering of the ancient Romans. Who knew history could be so interesting?  I'm in a different world...

Click, click, click.  Pictures on every angle.  BreatheLook around, imagine.  Breathe again... Walk to the next site... Repeat.  My mind took the best 'shots' during those times when I stopped a while to take time and appreciate where I am and what surrounds me.  Those were also the best moments I could recall and talk about vividly.  The same moments that lets me appreciate all the photos I have right now.  Breathe.

Our tour guide told us much about many things.  It was fueling my imagination at that time, my mind was creating my own movie-clips, like I was watching it all happen.  Frankly, I know I won't remember much of what's said (height, width, depth, names... dates... oh my!).  So at the end of the tour, I bought one of those Souvenir books.  So glad I did.  At the end of the day, we browsed the book and proudly say: "Oh I've seen that..."  "and that..."  and sometimes "how come you did not show me that?"  (*hint. hint.* :-D )

Another hint:  Am I ever glad I wore comfortable shoes. {That is a prerequisite to visiting Europe, I think... We did alooooooot of walking.  Add in some power bars too and a handy bottle of water.}

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  1. Still beautiful! Makes me wonder what it looked like before the disaster.

  2. making me jealous lol ;) I too wonder what it looked like before the disaster, busy with people everywhere and how colourful the place might have been


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