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Late night but a friend needed a few things from the grocery store so hubby and I took her to the supermarket. While there, I decided to pick up a few necessities, myself.  On the way to the toiletries section, I passed by a clearance display with some books and gift ideas.  At the very bottom if the self was a book that seemed to have some polishes in it.  I knelt down to inspect and I was right! A nailart gift set for Tweens! Originally priced at $26.99, I came away with it for $16.99+tax.

The set includes: a 60 page idea book, a dotting tool, about 250 pieces of stick-on nailart stencils, and 6 little bottles of practice polish.

Design ideas galore and inspirations! First, the book talked about some nail basics that needs to be learned for a successful nail art: how to do a simple manicure and then how to paint the nails. It also showed how to use the dotting tool properly and how to utilize the stencils.  Really, it's excellent for beginners! Well, you could tell right away that it's targeted for young teens... Hubby even teased, "you're satisfying your inner 12-year old..." Lol... However, I think that this book is great, no matter how old we are, if we're just starting out with nailart. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, the pictures are bright and attractive.

The stencils are similar to nail-vinyl guides that are currently popular in the nail art industry. It includes straight stickers for stripes and French, lightning, chevron, half moon, heart and stars. It claims to have about 250 pieces of stickers.  There are two sheets in the package.

The dotting tool has two ends: a blunt point and a tiny dotting tool. The blunt point is perfect for cleaning up around the nails and cuticles, also for making really small dots or lines.  

Finally, the practice polish.  Just as it's name imply, it's made just for practice. It's washable (can be wiped off with a cotton moistened with water) or it can be peeled off the nails.  The book itself says to buy "regular polish" when one is satisfied with their skill in order to make good and lasting designs on the nails...  It's quite fun!!!

I've seen some nail art books in the market where it only showed photos of finished designs.  You'll have to use your imagination to achieve the look.  This book provides a step-by-step guide and illustrations to make following so easy.  Included in the designs are: picture designs (animal prints like owl, penguin, shark and flamingo), lines and stripes using the stencils, and dots, cupcakes and flowers using the dotting tool.

I did buy this book on sale at a grocery store.  You might find one yourself, at your local Great Canadian Superstores.  (Yup, that's in Canada) Or else try klutz.com (email: thefolks@klutz.com tel: 1-800-737-4123) If you contact them, please don't forget to mention me. (Disclosure: This is an unpaid endorsement and I paid for the book myself... Thought I'd mention that again, lol)

Well, I hope that you find this review informative.  I'll recreate some of the designs in the coming days. If you have this book let me know what you think about it ;-)

Have fun girls! Take care!

Xoxo Maya


  1. I would love to have this book too! I want doing nail art but they don't work for me haha. I need to practice more. I so love your works btw :)

    1. Yes, this book is full of cute ideas, lol... I hope you find one like it too... And you are right, practice makes perfect, lol.... Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are having a great day! I love your blog!


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