July 2014 Nail Art Challenge (OMD2)

Jacqui of CraftyNail.com is sponsoring a nail art challenge (or shall I say, challengessssss, lol) for the month of July called   Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux (OMD2)

At first I was overwhelmed... "everyday?!?" I haven't done any challenges before. Good thing I read all the blog post and discovered any of the designs and any of the days can be entered, not necessary all of them or in order.  You can even do just one design if you wish and then you have an entry!

I have been lacking in inspiration lately... We'll summer is really busy for me and it's hard to find the time to sit and play with polishes nowadays.  But we'll see if this challenge will help keep the creative juices flowing...

There is a nice prize pack waiting in the end.  Wahoo!  The winner is chosen at random so we could genuinely be creative without the fear of not being good enough.  We can be in it just to have fun and get inspired.  Each accomplished design is equivalent to an entry.  Please visit her blog for full details and rules. (You may click the photo above or the prizes below). 

Once you have linked your entry. Go to the rafflecopter link of your particular location to get an entry for the contest.   I included an easy button here for Canada...

The prizes are.... drum roll please.  I am excited about the prize package for my location.  What do you feel about yours?

So... what design to do first?  Will join in the fun too?
Please don't forget to visit here often...  I wish you lots' of love and sunshine in your life.

xoxo, Maya

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