WANDERLUST - Another Julep Box | July and August 2014

Poolside Collection | Julep July 2014
Pretty Nails and Tea | July 2014 | Julep | Poolside Collection

Hmmm, just wanting to share my selections for July 2014 from the Julep Poolside collection.  It's that time again when Julep offers the 'window' for selecting what you would like to receive in your monthly box.  That window is now open for August.  I was a little disappointed that this window is already open when I haven't received my July box in the mail yet.  I almost forgot what I got in my July box until I revisited this draft that I made last month.

My added three more "ad-ons", since adding three qualifies me for a free gift. (Yup, I'm a sucker for free items... Hey, who wouldn't want free stuff?!? Eh?) So... when oh when will I receive this box and what will be my surprise gift?  I don't know.

Pretty Nails and Tea | July 2014 | Julep | Poolside Collection

Wanderlust Collection | Julep August 2014

My disappointment was quickly turned around though when I opened my account and found out I was awarded some Jules Rewards to make up for the shipping delay.  That's equivalent to one free polish or if I save it, half of a subscription box.  So, yay!  "Some good things come from bad situations," as they say...

Here is my selection for the August Box... (In the meantime, I mean... The window is open until the 24th so I might have a change of heart in between, lol)

Is it just me or is the name for this collection totally irresistible? I love that word... "wanderlust"  I would love to be able to visit many different places, experience culture and food... walk on historic sites... see exotic animals.... the list is endless....

So... I'm cashing in a few accumulated Jules points and get me some "Wanderlust"... I can't travel right now.  But perhaps I could do it in the comfort of my home... (Oh my, translation please.... I am talking about "staycation" now... help! ha ha)

I just hope it won't take too long to receive these pretties.  But if it does come late, I wouldn't mind more free rewards point, wink ;)

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