First Snow This Year

Good evening friends!
Part of my work day today is a pleasant walk along this park.  Today is also the first day of day-time snow in my city... Yes, there has been scattered snow already during the night and they are mostly gone come day light.  This time, it was a gentle pour of pellet-sized snow.

I stopped a while to say hi to these beautiful birds...

It is a cold day, I guess everyone's still getting accustomed to the cold season and many are in denial that snow is inevitable...  I, for my part, am ready for some change.  The gloomy skies and chilly winds spell somewhat a low-mood, but the snow makes for a charming, whimsical day.  Don't you think?

How is your day?


One Autumn Afternoon | Vibrant Colors of Fall

A Pinay's Diary
 Vibrant colors and golden hues
~ Autumn is a very beautiful time of year. 
Please walk with me down Jones Lake, Moncton

 One of the many delights in coming to Canada is seeing the magnificent colors of Autumn.  Back home in the Philippines, we can only admire this from books, movies or post cards and we dream of seeing it in the future, in person.  Yes, I often wondered how it would be like to see this for myself...  And what a delight it is!  Sometimes, I enjoy just letting the leaves rain on me on a very windy day.  Or I just take some time to sit and admire the view. I became very camera-happy and I snapped some decent photos.  Please come and join me on this beautiful Autumn afternoon and enjoy the colors and the views...