First Snow This Year

Good evening friends!
Part of my work day today is a pleasant walk along this park.  Today is also the first day of day-time snow in my city... Yes, there has been scattered snow already during the night and they are mostly gone come day light.  This time, it was a gentle pour of pellet-sized snow.

I stopped a while to say hi to these beautiful birds...

It is a cold day, I guess everyone's still getting accustomed to the cold season and many are in denial that snow is inevitable...  I, for my part, am ready for some change.  The gloomy skies and chilly winds spell somewhat a low-mood, but the snow makes for a charming, whimsical day.  Don't you think?

How is your day?



  1. My darling Maya,
    I'm so glad to have you back in the Blogosphere, I've been missing you and your lovely posts so much !
    This is truly amazing, with all these wild ducks., they're truly so many and without any kind of fear of men, ... such things may happen only in your Canada !

    Enjoy your weekend,
    sending dear love

  2. Oh you are ever so sweet to me dear Dany. I appreciate your kindness. Thank you. I hope you are happy and are having a great day. You are a source of inspiration, so glad to have met you in the Blogosphere. ;-)



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