Three Wishes | Julep June 2014 | Special Post

If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
I present to you Julep's June 2014 Collection named "Three Wishes"

This collection is composed of glitter (yay), metallics and chromes... Of course, wishes comes with shine and sparkle... right? I am very excited about these new polishes because....

I hope you would continue reading.  You'll find polish, swatches and haul photos with a little bit of a personal, very meaningful story (at least to me ;)  I hope that you would enjoy...


French Manicure using Fingerpaints Soak-Off Gel Polish {aka Shellac} | HOW TO

"Shellac French Manicure!?!"  I would usually exclaim in horror when one of my friends ask me to do their nails.  "Can you pick something easier?" ... I find french nails scary but please read more to see if I succeeded or not ;) Included in this post is the "step by step" on how I did this french mani using the soak-off gel polish starter kit and LED lamp from FingerPaints ;)  Please read on and don't forget to leave me a message (lol).

Party's Over | Julep Glitter Remover

Glitter mani is on the rise.  It has gained much popularity nowadays.  
No surprise there, I think. All girls have sparkle in them.  
Don't we just love things that shine?
There is an abundance of glitter designs that can inspire us.  
But many, myself included, shy away from it because of the removal annoyance.  
Yes, it's not that easy to remove a glitter mani.  
I wanted to try this product for a long time now.  But I waited for good sales to grab one.  
Yay me!!! When the price was right, I ordered it and now it's finally here.  
Let's see how it works, shall we?

My Pretty Namesake | Featuring Maya and Dakota from Julep

"Peachy pink seashell, like a shimmering pearl." 
- That is how Julep describes "Maya"
On my nails, I have "Maya" painted on 4 of my fingers and "Dakota" on my ring finger.
I was very excited to try to color.  Well, as you know... It's a bit of a name-sake (uhumm ;)
What do you think of these colors?

Your Own At Home Nail Spa | Nail and Hand Care

On the nails:  2 coats of Audrey by Julep
with pink iridescent hearts and micro-beads.

     Ever wonder why your manicure doesn't seem to last more than a few days? No matter what your manicure is, it would look even better when your hands and cuticles are healthy. Follow these simple steps to healthy, good looking hands and treat yourself to a very inexpensive at home pampering.  You can even play a relaxing spa music while at it ;)

STOP Nail Biting!!!

"How do those nails taste like?"  Asked my grade school teacher out of the blue.  She must have spotted one of my classmates biting their nails.  She paused from the lesson at hand.  "Self confidence is very important.  That's how people would take you seriously.  Even when you are not self-confident, you can fake it.  Nail biting betrays lack of self-esteem.  So don't do it."  She was forceful.  She paused and went back to the lessons.  Didn't give it much thought then.  I personally knew no one with this habit.

Photo credit:

Those were the days... Today, it seems I see and hear more and more people biting their nails.  Too many that it's almost like a norm. Some even announces it quite proudly that it almost sounds fashionable.  I quickly clench my fist and gently tap my lips with it as I catch myself putting my nails on my mouth.  Being exposed to many who bite their nails is making me unconsciously 'follow their example.' Is there really something wrong with the habit?

My Beaty Spot Nail Polish and Microbeads (Design 2 - Dark Pink)

I love the hue of this pink!  Here is the second shade of pink from my last "My Beauty Spot" haul.  I also posted a nail art design as well as a swatch on the light pink (precious post).  And maybe you could let me know what shade of pink you would prefer :)

The Perfect Wedding Nails | Nail Art

The Classic French Manicure
Here comes the bride... here comes the bride....
Hello Summer and Hello June Brides!

You've got your man and you're wearing his ring, yahoo!!! Well... Whether you are the bride, bride's maids, mom or friend of the bride... You'd want to look your best for such a very special occasion. So time to plan the perfect dress, your shoes... hair and make-up... and of course, a nice manicure to complete your wedding beauty.  What design would you wear?

Puprle Please (Cult Cosmetics May 2014 Black Box Review)

Happy Sunday Evening Everyone!

I hope that you had a refreshingly nice weekend. How nice it is to have sunny and warm days... May you have gained new experiences to learn from and new moments to cherish forever...

Today, I want to share with you my experience with my first BlackBox complimentary of Cult Cosmetics (as I posted in my previous post, this was a box I won through their Instagram contest. Wahoo!!!)