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Glitter mani is on the rise.  It has gained much popularity nowadays.  
No surprise there, I think. All girls have sparkle in them.  
Don't we just love things that shine?
There is an abundance of glitter designs that can inspire us.  
But many, myself included, shy away from it because of the removal annoyance.  
Yes, it's not that easy to remove a glitter mani.  
I wanted to try this product for a long time now.  But I waited for good sales to grab one.  
Yay me!!! When the price was right, I ordered it and now it's finally here.  
Let's see how it works, shall we?

 The box contains 5 packets of aloe infused remover.  Each packet contains 10 pads. 
So that should be enough for 5 removals.  The regular price is $28.00, for a Maven it's $22.40.
I bought this one as an add-on to my regular subscription box and used my accumulated Jules (reward points) to acquire it.  It costs 2,000 Jules Rewards.  I guess you could say, It was a good deal for me - uhum, Free? ...maybe?  I think the price is too steep otherwise.
There are 10 of these little caps. 
They look flat. Depressing it from both sides would allow a good size hole to insert the finger with the cotton in.  I tested them on my finger and only after a few second, my fingers felt warm. I think that's good as heat actually helps activate the remover.
There are two bigger ones for both thumbs.  All the rest are the same sizes.
 I placed a cotton pad on my finger and inserted it on the rubber.  It was quite easy to do it that way when my opposite hand is still free,  I had a hard time doing my other hand using my already covered fingers on the opposite hand.  So I decided to place the cotton inside the rubber first and then insert my finger.  It was much easier that way.
And walah!  Once I got the technique down, it was actually very easy to use.
The instructions say wait for 3-5 minutes.  Then squeeze and pull to remove pad.
How good is it?  Now the review part ;)
Well, I like it!
* I usually hold a cotton saturated in remover over my nails for a minute and then start sliding and rubbing to remove the polish.  With this caps, the cotton stays in place while I work on the other finger nails.  So this is a time saver.  I needed to re-saturate the pads with acetone for it to work better.  I feel that the aloe infused remover wasn't strong enough for glitter.

* I tried using it with gel polish as well.  It took about 20 mins of soaking (in total) to loosen the gel polish.  After 20 mins, the gel was still adhered to the nails so I used an orange stick to scrape them out gently.  I was hoping the the gel would just completely lift off so that I could just brush it out but that did not happen even after 20 mins.  Did not work well this time.  The caps do hold the cotton pad in place.

I find that the acetone dries out from the lint free cotton pad after a few minutes. The nail would have been "soaking" in dry cotton all that time.  I didn't think the caps would be too loose, maybe it was? I don't know.  It could be that the cotton was too thin to hold the acetone, use regular cotton instead.  Or that the acetone wasn't pure enough... Oh, well, it took time but the gel came off finally.   There was no damage nor scratch on the nails which means that the remover loosened the gel enough for removal, even though they did not visibly lift from the nails. 

    To Use:
  1. Open packette & place 
  2. one aloe vera-infused pad on nail
  3. Cover with nail cap. 
  4. (Use large caps for thumbs.)
  5. Once nails are covered, 
  6. sit back & relax for 3-5 minutes
  7. Squeeze & pull to remove cap & pad. 
  8. Use pad to wipe off any leftover glitter
Conclusion:  The caps are excellent for holding the cotton in place and it is less work compared with cut-out foils. It saves time and is more pleasantly looking than foil.  Since it is also reusable, it saves money eventually (I think... it's $22.40 afterall... how many foils can you buy with that?)
As for the aloe-infused remover pads, they work very well in the removal of a regular polish.  It's perfect for carrying around.  Hence, I will reserve with my travel kit.  But I think with glitter mani, a stronger remover is needed.  (And of course, it's a given that it is not strong enough for gel.  That job is reserved for pure acetone, lol)

Would you give this product a try?  I thought that this is a clever and original idea from Julep.  I might be wrong.  Is there another product such as this that you find more effective?

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