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On the nails:  2 coats of Audrey by Julep
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     Ever wonder why your manicure doesn't seem to last more than a few days? No matter what your manicure is, it would look even better when your hands and cuticles are healthy. Follow these simple steps to healthy, good looking hands and treat yourself to a very inexpensive at home pampering.  You can even play a relaxing spa music while at it ;)

You will need:
A pretty towel
Gentle hand cleanser, skin scrub (or sugar + olive recipe)
Cuticle oil and hand cream (or natural oils such as olive oil or coconut oil) 
Implements: Nail clipper, cotton swab, [glass] nail file, optional: nail strengthener

Light a scented candle, play some soft music....

And here are your simple steps:

1.  Get your hands squeaky clean.
     Wash hands thoroughly with a skin-softening cleanser. While washing your hands, use a cotton swab to clean under your nails to remove oil or debris trapped underneath.

     *Quick Tip: Skip the antibacterial soap as it contains ingredients that are drying.  Proper hand washing can help us be healthy without the need to kill germs - we could also be harming the natural protective layer of our skin by killing healthy bacteria ;)

2.  Scrub them softly.
     Using a nice sugar scrub, body scrub, or even a facial scrub, gently massage hands starting from the tops of your hands, work your way to your cuticles and finish with your palms.  At this time, you may even push your cuticles using your thumb nail and remove dried and excess cuticles.  Dry hands by patting on a towel instead of rubbing.

     *Quick Tip: You may apply a thick emolient cream to moist hands first before scrubbing to add some moisturization while you're exfoliating.  Skip this if using the at home recipe below.

At home scrub recipe:
Blend 2 tablespoons of sugar with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.  

3.  Perfectly shape them.
     First, with a pair of clippers, cut nails across to your desired length.  This trims away the older, more brittle cells at the tip that are more phone to breaking.  Second, round-off the edges to your desired shape.  Square with rounded edges is the most durable shape and also the universally flattering nail shape.  Make sure to file your nails gently in one direction only and at a 45 degree angle. Start from one corner moving towards the center and do the same on the opposite side of the nail.

     *Quick Tip:  Use a crystal file.  It has super-fine surface that provides a more gentle abrasion than paper or metal files.

4.  Condition your cuticles.
     Massage cuticle oil or cream.  If your cuticles are smooth, a light cuticle oil will do.  If your cuticles are dry, use a heavier cuticle cream. Moisturize often.

5.  Refine your cuticles
     If your cuticles are in good condition - no hangnails or dry skin protruding past the nail bed, use a cotton swab to gently push back your cuticles.  But if you need a trim, cut only the part that is sticking up or hanging away from the cuticle.

     *Quick Tip:  Train your cuticles.  When you're in the shower, gently push your cuticles back with your finger or a wet washcloth.  This habit will keep them soft and controlled.

6.  Massage and moisturize.  
     Warm your hand cream (or light olive or coconut oil) by soaking it in a bowl of warm water. Use it to massage your hands once it's warm.  Find the spaces between the bones on the top of your hand and massage for 30 seconds each.  Then gently tug and rotate each finger Massage palms by making circles with the opposite hand's thumb.  And finish between your index finger and thumb.  That's where we hold a great deal of stress and tension. 

     *Quick Tip: Pop a hand-towel in the dryer, or wet a hand towel in warm water and use it to cover your moisturized hands.  The heat will allow better absorption of the moisturizers to make your hands even softer.

That's it! Enjoy you're nice soft hands ;)

Make it a habit to care for your hands and nails.  Not only will you be improving your nail health, a nice soft hand can also add to your confidence.  


Nail Biting? Did you know that nail-biting betrays a feeling of low self-esteem?  Don't do it!  Keeping your nails well rounded and cuticles healthy can alleviate the urge to nail-bite. 

     *Quick Tip: Apply a colorless nail-strengthener to thicken soft nails.  Pay attention to the free-edge (tip of your nails).  Apply 2-3 coats to protect your nails.  Even a colorless polish can make your nails feel more special and may prevent nail biters from eating them ;)

Please read more about how to Stop Nailbiting >>> here <<< 

Are your nails ready for more pampering? 
Up next, we'll prepare our nails for those pretty polishes or cute nail arts.  

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