My Beaty Spot Nail Polish and Microbeads (Design 2 - Dark Pink)

I love the hue of this pink!  Here is the second shade of pink from my last "My Beauty Spot" haul.  I also posted a nail art design as well as a swatch on the light pink (precious post).  And maybe you could let me know what shade of pink you would prefer :)

How do you like the microbeads with this color compared to the lighter shade of pink in my previous post?

I think they both look very pretty... It's a very easy nail art design that would totally catch attention and compliments :)

And you could use the microbeads in other designs too of course.  What do you think of these little cute flowers?  Please read about this polish haul on here. :)

Simple, easy to do designs that really make your nails pop-prettily ;)
I hope you enjoyed this design my dear friends...  Please leave a comment below to tell me what you think... Have a gorgeous day! ~*Maya*~

Would you like a macaron? :D

For more Nail Art designs, please visit my  
Thank you and have a fancy nails day!

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    1. Thanks. Kudos to the photographer. She's really good :D he he. Thanks for the photo ate. I love all your flower photos.


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