Girly Glitter from Revlon (Instant Manicure)

     Well, I had written a few letters to mail... (Yup, hand-written, those are rare these days, huh?)  Anyway, I ran out of stamps so instead of going to the post-office, I opted instead to go to the drugstore.  I can mail my letters and check out on some nail polishes along the way.  Wiii! Can you believe it?  The aisle that goes directly to the post-office desk is actually the nail-polish aisle... (I knew that all along... works for me!)

     I spotted this pink glitter polish from Revlon called girly.  It is different from all the other polishes in the rack so it caught my attention.  It was on sale!  Yahoo, I could try it.  And here is the result.  It looked weird in the bottle but it's actually really girly once applied.   Instant nail art for busy girls, I'd say :)  Well, I was so pleased.

     The bottle was full of glitters that there wasn't any problem grabbing to a good amount for the nails.  I used two coats on this one.  I wore it without basecoat and topcoat cause I was in a rush... That wasn't a good idea.  The glitters were coming off one by one.  Although the design is quite feminine and pretty, I was getting many compliments for it.  But much better to protect it with a top-coat, next time...

     How about you?  Do you care or not for this design?

     Have a great day pretty ladies!

~* Maya *~

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