Color Club Yahoo Collection (Neon Polishes)

Brace yourselves and wear your sunglasses! :)

It's not everyday that we win something... in fact, this is the first set of polishes that I ever won as a give-away!  Thanks to Color Club Nail Lacquers, yahoo!  Yes, that's right!  This collection is called YAHOO... What a way to celebrate nicer weather indeed (that is to come... soon I hope ;)

As you can tell, I was inspired to do swatches with these lovely colors.  They are beautiful all right.  But I was never one to wear colors that are 'screaming for attention."  Actually, these are genuine scene stealers... they are really bright and cheerful.  These are my first neon polishes ever.  Thanks to Color Club, I finally get to try them and what a treat it is!

Let's start with my favorite color - Yellow...  Yodelehihoo!!!

I used two three coats on this one... Okay, I went overboard, I did it at night and it was dim... lol... yes, yes, I was watching t.v. while doing it... ha ha... I'm guessing two coats would have done it cause I thought it looked pretty great at two.  I added another coat just to be sure.  And walah... Just as I thought, ever happy and beautiful yellow! 

Now this truly sumptuous red... One coat and it did the trick... very even application, great opacity and awesome color!

This lovely pink is just as nice.  One coat is all it took and see how really beautiful it is?  Yup, Oohlala is right :)

One coat as well for this refreshingly handsome blue ;)  It's clean and crisp like the clear skies on a bright, cloudless day... Oh it yells summer all over it!

I'm not one to wear green on my nails but my, this color felt right and good on my nails... I don't know, maybe I'm seeing too much white right now that I have been missing the greens?  Either way, this is really beautiful!  I love how it glows against my complexion.  Two coats.

Another winner!  I imagine myself wearing this on a shore somewhere, enjoying nice warm sun, salty air and hot sand.... yes please!  I just loved it... Kudos to my photography (I mean my camera), all these pics are really just how it looks in person... pure delight!

And of course, time to celebrate all the lovely happy colors with some sparkle...  I thought of doing an accent nail here.  The polish, once again, had a great consistency.  It is heavy on the glitter which is really pretty and is very easy to apply.  Two coat and it almost covered all the purple on my ring finger.  Great huh?  Now I wish I did all my nails in gold... another time maybe? 

So, you may say I am biased because I had gotten this as a gift.  Oh well, the bias stops at the swatch.  These are the first set of polishes I have ever been inspired to swatch for review.  And then all the rambling are my honest opinions...

The formula is really great.  I am thinking these would be the perfect polishes to do a water-marble with... Just just a simple plain mani.  (There's nothing plain with these colors!) The consistency is just right for great application.  You could get away with one coat... Some colors here I did with one :)  And then I did two for others just to cover up the imperfections of my first coat.  No top-coat on these.  Yet, I am sure that it would even be much brighter and glossier with shiny top-coat ;)

I wonder if it's because the polish is new... a lot of the polish cling to the brush "stem" and if you are not careful, it creates a big glob of polish dripping to ruin your mani...  Actually, in my case I did not mind it at all.  Sometimes I just add it to the polish I was already applying or just quickly save it back into the bottle ;)  Not a deal breaker at all...

Loved how these colors made me feel so happy... :) Thanks again Color Club!

How about you?  Are you a fan of neons?


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