Revlon Parfumerie Polishes (Limited Edition)

Love collecting polishes but under a strict budget?

Revlon Limited Edition "Parfumerie" Scented Polish
We are alike then :)  But as a prudent shopper that I am, uhmmm, I manage to find good deals somehow... ha ha ha... Mind if I lift my own chair a little bit? ;)  Ok, ok... Sometimes I am just at the right place at the right time...

We'll, dear loving hubby helped me dig out some awesome polish bottles from a bin of clearance items at the drugstore.  Airmiles was the one the initially drew me to the bin. (Yes, I am wishing for a trip and the bin had a sign for bonus airmiles on it... fancy!)  And walah!  I found a precious nugget priced at $1.74... As you may imagine, I got really excited and started digging for more.  Yellow is my favorite color but I haven't really tried that on my nails... yet...  So, I was hoping for one.  Well, didn't find one.  Still, got a total of 8 bottles and what an awesome find indeed!

I got a total of 8 bottles... the single remnant of each color in the bin.  The green had a leak as the head was full of dried polish.  Hubby warned me about it.  After asking him to open it up with his strong hand, uhmmm, I confirmed the bottle isn't broken so I still bought it.  The light colors looks like they've been swatched by a curious shopper at one time, but the darker colors looks sleek and new :)

Since we are having yet another snowstorm (oh spring where are you???)... I tried the green called "Wintermint" first.  I thought the name is quite appropriate, ha ha...  It was also the most unique in the haul.  So here it goes...
The polish had a strong smell to it during application  The smell is just like any polish, chemicals!  Then slowly, that strong smell turned into a pleasant minty aroma.  I liked it, it was like sweet-mint-gum.  Hubby complained of the strong scent but that's because he's sensitive to anything with scents or stench, lol.  He usually have an allergic reaction to scents and perfumes but no reaction on this one (just in case that info is helpful :)...  Further, i thought the mint was quite pleasing.

Wintermint with some embellishments :)
I applied two coats and it gave a great coverage.  One coat is also a nice sheer :)  It was easy to apply.  Considering the polishes hard past, this polish did not disappoint at all.  While it was drying, I thoroughly enjoyed the scent.  It disappeared once I washed my hand.  But I guess the experience relies on the application process and I am very content with that. 

Looking forward to trying out and sniffing the other shades/scents.

Do you have experiences with scented polishes?

~* Maya*~

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