"To go, please." | Pompeii, Italy

Pompeii Naples Italy Mt Vesuvius
Pompeii Naples Italy Mt Vesuvius
Pompeii Naples Italy Mt Vesuvius

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"Think fast food is a modern day invention?"  our tour guide asks.  "Think again..." he continued after a suspenseful pause, pointing to stalls with 'refurbished' counters of marble with round brick holes.  I thought that it was: 'Fast food' is a modern day invention created to cater busy lives.  Well, wrong.

The streets and passage ways of Pompeii were made out of huge hewn rocks.  One of the many feats of ancient engineering that boggles the mind.  These streets were busy, bustling with people.  Horse drawn carriages are frequent on these streets, so frequent that indents are observable on the solid rocks.  Streets are believed to be cleaned daily with gushing water.  People burdened with goods cross the streets often,  elevated rocks were used as stepping-stones to keep their feet dry.  The tour guide pointed to two interesting things on the hewn rocks: a deep hole and what seems to be a religious symbol (deity Talmud?)  The deep hole holds a pole in place, somewhere to tie up the horses. 

And the religious symbol?   "To parents with their kids with them,"  the tour guide says, "I leave it to your discretion if you and your kids want to continue on this part of the tour.  If not, you can wait outside." Turns out, it is 'something else' that is shaped as an arrow.  It points to the direction of the brothel.  "How do you know it's a brother?" a father asked.  The answer: "Oh, it's not hard to see."  He's right, the camera is tucked away :-)  A historical tour can motivate time to reflect on the origins of our beliefs, eh?

Tradesmen, gladiators, people of all  ranks thrive in this city; sailors come for some respite... and they're hungry!

Bread was discovered on the unearthed oven, one of the most excellently preserved finds of Pompeii.
The holes you see on counters are filled with hot rocks; designed to keep hot a pot containing food or beverage.  Money was discovered on a jar placed on one of the holes and an image of Prosperity and of Commerce deities were found closest to it.  I could imagine one of the hungry gladiators, or a cute little child order some food; the seller asks: "To stay or to go?"  That could might as well be the case.  Grab some food and they're on their way in the streets of Pompeii...

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  1. So much history in these ruins. Great pics!

  2. Wonderful shots of remains of this ancient city.

  3. Very interesting. This is when a tour guide is indispensable.

  4. I really like your perspective on that first shot!!

    1. Thank you, I'm trying to be more creative with my point and shoot camera :-) I appreciate your comment...

  5. So fascinating! What an amazing tour, with some interesting info. I would love to go! Great photos, too.

  6. These photos are just amazing! Lalo po siguro kapag andun ka na mismo sa place! I lov eyour blog Miss Maya! I am so happy na nakarating po kayo sa Blog ko kasi because of that, narating ko din po itong blog nyo! Ang gaganda po ng posts nyo :)

    It's so nice to have you in my Blog Miss Maya! Grabe nakakatouch naman po kayo at sobrang saya ko po na nagustuhan nyo po yung post ko pati nadin po yung Blog ko. Feel Free to read my previous posts, I'm sure matatawa po kayo kapag narating nyo yung mga posts na baguhan palang ako sa pagbblog haha From now on I'll be checking out your Blog too as well :)

    Warmest greetings to you Miss Maya from the humid and hot home Philippines! Sendan nyo po kaming konting lamig from there haha


  7. I have seen a lot of Italy all around, but never made it to Pompeii ! It's on my travel list !

  8. You have captured thought and images of the busyness with your descriptions. No doubt a fascinating place to visit, especially with the assistance of a tour guide.

  9. I've been fortunate to have been able to visit Pompeii and coule of times. It is truly a historical and interesting place to see! It is a moment of time frozen forever. I enjoyed seeing your photos and reading your post.


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