Thursday, August 6, 2015

Chocolate Lake | Armdale Nova Scotia

We stayed at Best Western Hotel in Armdale, Nova Scotia for our weekend trip to see the Busker's Festival in Halifax last weekend.  Behind the hotel is this really beautiful lake: perfect for a picnic or a delightful swimming afternoon with family and friends .  During our visit, the sun shone so brightly, the waters reflected the blue skies. Sun worshipers enjoyed the heat here and get some tan.

It's named Chocolate Lake because of a chocolate factory that was situated along it's banks years ago. This lake is man made and surrounded by many private homes {lucky them, lol...}  It is also the home of a city beach where local families enjoy the water and the sun, life guards are stationed for safety and water quality is tested weekly.  There are no lifeguards on the Best Western side of the lake, hence the swim at your own risk sign :-)


Nova Scotia

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  1. A relaxing and delightful place to stay. Seems you had a wonderful time.

  2. What a pretty little lake. I bet that it is very cold but still very scenic.

  3. Beautiful place, definitely relaxing.

  4. gorgeous photos :D love seeing bits of Canada I haven't been to :)

  5. Thank you dear Maya for the lovely comment you put on my blog, and for sharing such wonderful pictures on yours !
    I'm going to follow you wit joy ღ


  6. A lovely place to spend the day ... great captures!


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