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Pompeii, Naples Italy
Guided Group Tour

The Pine trees in Italy caught my attention. The trees, because of their shape, are called Umbrella Pine, Italian Stone Pine or Parasol Pine. I've been seeing these trees all over, so I was curious.  The tour guide explained: "They do not grow like these on there own.  Look closer and you'll see where branches were cut as the tree grows.  Maintaining the shape of the trees like this had been a tradition since the Renaissance period."  Frankly, I think they are gorgeous this way.  I wonder if the pine-trees in my native home, Baguio City (Philippines), could also be pruned like this?  There's an abundance of these trees in the Mediterranean and is quite popular because of it's delicious pine nuts.  I was not introduced to pine nuts until I came to New Brunswick and lived with a family of Macedonian descent.  So, the pine tree we have in the Philippines is probably of a different kind?

Excited crowds were moving along the narrow cobbled pathway in Pompeii.  Like everyone else, I was eagerly taking pictures.  Hubby felt something fall on his head... bird poof?  We were alarmed.  He touched it and it was sticky like super glue - pine tree sap!  I teased, "you can keep it, smells so good."  I was not lying.  But he was too uncomfortable to admire it - "Hubby got sapped," was the joke of the day :)

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  1. Those Pine trees looks so beautiful Miss Maya! The sight of those tall cypress trees are just so warming for me, it's one of my favorite trees ever! Thank you so much for giving me trips around Pompeii and I just want to see more of it :)

  2. neat looking trees :) you probably could get a different tree to grow like this, but might take a bit of trimming all the time

  3. Pretty trees. They remind of the ones in Rome, I wonder if they are same kind of trees.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  4. Gorgeous shots of the trees!

  5. Oh my goodness....such exquisite beauty!!!

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  7. Isn't Pompeii an amazing place? We couldn't wait to see it last month while we were in Italy. We had to laugh when 2 younger members of our tour group opted to "Sleep in" the morning of our tour because they "didn't get why Pompeii is so important." Can you believe it? I love how nature has greenly grown up around the ruins adding to the beauty of the place. Magic.

  8. I also love these gorgeous trees which in Liguria we call Maritime Pines, for they grow only by the coast, they need the proximity of the sea for living in health, they're wonderful, aren't they ?

    Thank you my darling Maya for having dedicated a post to these amazing plants, have a joyous day
    with dear love


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