Warmth in Bloom | Crochet Fashion Scarf and Earwarmer Headband

In this cold winter months, keeping warm can also be fun and stylish.  When I saw this great pattern from a magazine, I immediately wanted to make it. {That involved of course, buying the magazine too, :p }  Before this, I have only crocheted headbands based out of a video tutorial on YouTube.  The tutorial was so informative and basic, it carried me through every little step that made it easy to follow.  Watching the tutor do the steps assured me that what I was doing was right.  This is my first time attempting a project out of a written pattern.  You might imagine how intimidated I was.  But this cute scarf is too pretty to pass on.  I had to try.

Every so often, I second guess myself: "Does this look okay to you?"  I asked my hubby.  Of course he would proudly say, "It looks beautiful!"  I'd take it, as if he knew exactly... er, anything at all about crochet... :-)  I would actually feel reassured and I'd move on pleased.

Weaving Warm Hugs for the Cold Winter Days 2

     Another year is almost gone, one other is fast approaching.  We hear it all too often, “Time goes by fast…” or “Where have all the time gone?” I hope that it has been a pleasant year for you, so far.  

crochet headband

     As the normal day to day passes by, we slowly welcome Old Man Winter, almost reluctantly, of course.  It’s cold.  Yes, for me, that is quite the top most reason.  {But a snow storm never made me lonely.  It's so pretty, how can one be so sad?} Fortunately, I found yet another hobby that will help weave out some nice warm hugs to keep warm – for the whole family and friends.