Weaving Warm Hugs for the Cold Winter Days 2

     Another year is almost gone, one other is fast approaching.  We hear it all too often, “Time goes by fast…” or “Where have all the time gone?” I hope that it has been a pleasant year for you, so far.  

crochet headband

     As the normal day to day passes by, we slowly welcome Old Man Winter, almost reluctantly, of course.  It’s cold.  Yes, for me, that is quite the top most reason.  {But a snow storm never made me lonely.  It's so pretty, how can one be so sad?} Fortunately, I found yet another hobby that will help weave out some nice warm hugs to keep warm – for the whole family and friends.

     It seems that every year when autumn fades and the trees lay barren, there is a need for me to channel the summer momentum into a nice “new-ish” activity.  When the sun was hot and the days are bright, we spend days outdoors, as busy as possible, as if time is very limited.  And indeed it is.  Then hot summer days leave our energies into the mercy of the cold and dreary weather.  Suddenly cooped up, most people don’t know what to do… Some others successfully find a good, worthwhile outlet. {Okay, you got me, I am a self-professed home-buddy.  I am much too happy to stay at home.  I love winter for that reason, it makes it too easy to find a reason to stay indoors.  Though people getting cabin-fever around me can get me quite antsy and restless.  Hence, the need for a nice creative outlet.}

      This year, that good, worthwhile outlet for me is crochet.

I started working as a homecare worker a few months ago for a very nice lady in her 70s.  We would often walk together by the lake and observe the birds that grace its waters.  She would frequently say: “I wish I had something to cover my ears,” as her ears would hurt from the cold and strong winds. Hoods? Hats? “Oh, I can't stand this thing!”  Her frustrated lament would be, “I would like to go back into loom and maybe knit myself a nice warm scarf.”   

     There goes an idea… In one of my home-economics class back in grade school, I was shown a little basic lesson on crochet.  Didn't pay much attention to it then... I could probably do it now?  How hard can it be?  Hence, I went ahead and bought some yarn and a crochet hook, checked out the all dependable tutor, Mrs. YouTube, and searched out a tutorial on a nice headband. And tadah!!! I’m hooked on the hook… 


     From that one successful first time-crocheting a headband, my head raced into trying out more projects – “scarf will be next.” Then, “oh, I’ll make a head band for such and such a friend…”  I probably have ten different headbands now ready to be wrapped and gifted to my dear “pioneer” friends. Then the business side of me also crept in too quickly that I impulsively opened an Etsy shop.  Whew!   

     I must have gone to Michael’s Craft Store a thousand times buying yarn one by one using my 40% coupon. {Too bad it's only for 'one' regular priced item and not that kind of coupon where you get discount for your entire purchase, including sale items... Yeah, that's asking too much, lol} I have since collected a few different colors and textures of yarn, different crochet handbooks, patterns and tools… {Yes, if you are wondering, I do have a really patient, generous husband (hehehehe)}


So, I guess there we have it – CROCHET is the deal of the season…  If you have some crochet patterns that you’d like to share (for an advanced beginner), please, I would love to check them out.  If you would be inclined to try out crochet yourself, I might be able to post some patterns for you one of these days. :D Also, I would welcome some tips and strategies into improving up my Etsy shop.  Any ideas?

     In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing some of the projects I have already made, please contact me or visit my Etsy shop.  I will be having a separate page for my crochet projects in the future and I might attempt custom orders soon enough. :-)

      How about you? What is your favorite thing to do during the cold, winter months?

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  1. Nice hobby. I'd love to crochet too, and knit, and do papercraft, and paint, and do beads and polymer clay projects, and read lots of books, and take lots of pictures, and write, etc, etc....I love to do many things but don't have much time...huhuhu....

    Thanks again for this beautiful blog! I always enjoy reading your posts.

    1. Oo nga ate... there seems to be not enough time - buti nalang there's an everlasting life we look forward to - lahat ng mga ito, we will have time to do them all and constantly learn new things. In a short while, you inspired me to do many creative stuff - taking pictures, loving snow, blogging... hay... marami talaga tayong matutunan sa paraiso ano? Dun hindi mauubos ang oras...

      Ate maraming salamat for always reading my blog. I really appreciate you.


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