If Someday I Would Forget Who I am | A Tribute to Friends with Alzheimer's Disease | St. Martins NB, Canada

St Martins New Brunswick NB

If someday I would be lost in a turbulent sea of unremembrance,
Would you be the lighthouse that guides me to the safety of the shores?
If someday I would forget who I am,
Would you help me remember...

How I tried new things I haven't tried before...
the sense of adventure and vigor in youthful days...
Maybe I traveled somewhere awesome,
discovered things undreamed of,
breathed the air of a strange land,
tasted foods, drank tea,
kissed the sands of shores somewhere far away from home.

St Martins New Brunswick NB

Please help me remember...
That while I was away I was missed.

St Martins New Brunswick NB

How I lived, 
Maybe I lived to help someone, even one, breathe a little better;
maybe I reflected a little sunshine that made us live,
maybe sprinkled a little rain that refreshed us,
the sorrows and the laughter that wiped them away,
despair and the courage it took to overcome them,
Please help me remember...
The friends who touched our lives,
Family who stood by our sides and never gave up on us,
The faith that kept us strong, hope that kept us going...
For in life, we know, that is what matters most.
St Martins New Brunswick NB

How I loved, 
...for I loved with all my heart.
If someday I would forget who I am,
Please help me remember you, for you are the one I loved,
And always remember, please, I will always love you.

Love, Maya
St Martins New Brunswick NB

A tribute to friends who have Alzheimer's Disease from Maya of PrettyNailsAndTea blog.
More photos of St Martin's NB here: Comfort and Friendship

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  1. Wow, this is so touching it actually gave me goosebumps while reading. The message is so beautiful and excellently written. I love it!
    That's why we write our blogs, to help us remember. And if we forget that we have a chronicle of our lives, there's always someone out there to remind us.
    Keep writing. I just love to tread them.

    1. Talaga ate? (okay talaga ang pagkakasulat? hehe) Mahalaga talaga sa akin ang mga comments and opinions mo.

      Oo nga ate, na-inspire nga akong magsulat dahil diyan. Although I hope that situation will not come, that we will always be able to remember.

    2. Yes, you're doing very well. I'm always looking forward to your blogs.
      Have a great week!

  2. Superb, calming photos!
    Have a Wonderful Day!!
    Peace :)

  3. Beautifully and very insightfully written! We hold the memories for our loved ones who have lost theirs.

  4. What a lovely post and tribute for your friend. I agree our blogs are memories into our past and wonderful to keep up to date. Alzheimer's Disease is awful and it hurts to see our friends and family go thru this illness. Wishing you a happy week ahead!

  5. This was so touching to read.

  6. really beautiful words + images...

  7. This is so touching, Alzheimers impacts on so many families these days, including mine. So beautifully written. Thank you.
    Wren x

  8. Hi Maya,
    This is just beautiful! You have brought tears to my eyes. My mother has alzheimers and is 94 years of age. Thank you for such a lovely message! Karen

  9. Beautiful written, a lovely message. Thanks for sharing. xo

  10. So sad reading that poem, makes me think of people I know who have it.

  11. Oh Maya, this was very touching and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, dear one, for sharing this beautiful message with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs and blessings to you!


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