Blissful Solitary Wanderings

Majestic mountains, hiking, water falls, fishing, camping.... you name it... I want to go and stay here someday... a day or two... or a whole week.  Please see Charlene's adventures in this place {Sweden and Norway} in her blog Blissful Solitary Wanderings, and surely you would understand why this blog inspires me so much.  In fact, it is the reason why I started blogging.  :-)  Her photos are splendid and her story telling is so moving.
{Warning:  This blog can cause a severe case of wanderlust.  And it is contagious.}

"Though you are miles away, I feel you so close in my heart.
Thank you for letting me wander through your adventures like I was there with you.
And someday, perhaps, I just might be."

What kinds of things would you like to do, 
or what places in the world would you like to see before you kick the bucket?

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I will visit your friend's blog, Maya. The photos are just beautiful. Before I leave this plain, I would love to visit Canada and Italy.

    1. Oh, I think Canada is a wonderful place, I'm sure you'll be delighted to see it. And Italy!!! hmmm, pizza, pasta.... I loved it :-) I'd like to see more of it too... Someday I hope you can visit those places Karen. Thank you for stopping by... Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, I feel it an honor to have my blog featured in your blog! Thanks, I truly appreciate it!
    I love your quote, it hits home. You said it eloquently.
    Yes, it would be more blissful to wander together in these places, especially with one who appreciates nature and photography. Just let me know when you could come so I'll "prepare the way" for you.
    We just came home from another wanderlust experience. Have a great weekend!


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