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It's that time of year again when we get friends visiting from Toronto.   Oh summer.  Of course, we love to show them around.  Our most favorite thing to do is a hike in the park.  And what better way to show off than taking them to  the wonderful Fundy National Park.  Nothing beats nature, right?  We live just an hour and a half away.  The drive is very scenic, so the site-seeing starts from departure.  For friends who have limited time, we love to hike the Dickson Falls and Caribou Planes.  These trails are beautiful, easy and quick, you can even bring along your baby {our friend did that, lol}.  In between the two trails, we had a nice picnic at the Bennett Lake.  Please read more to see more photos of the hike...

My parents are way up there admiring this beautiful falls.  This is their first time visiting the Fundy National Park.  I can't count how many times I imagined bringing them to see this place and walk along the paths with me.  Having them with us now seems surreal at times.  Papa is very excited and it pleases me that he's not shy to show it.  Neither is he camera shy.  Here he is... I was taking photos of the falls as we were standing on a view deck overlooking it down below.  He run back to the falls so that I could snap a photo with him in it.  Sweet and adventurous, eh?  {Just be careful please!  Do not jump! Jump!!!}  Sometimes, the adventurous side of me comes out and I would step on the stones and go to the water.  This time, I was scared, even for papa.  It has been raining a lot this summer that the moss is thick and luscious, beautiful!, but not very safe :-)

For more photos of Dickson Falls in the summer 
as well as in the beautiful colors of autumn, 
please click here.

We went and did some groupies at the Caribou planes.  Somehow, the view deck there just works out so well for photo-shoots.  A friend of mine even took a photo of this shy prince.  We almost missed him... cute little thing hid himself so quickly.

Please see more photos of our hike in 

Here are some photos of the Bennett Lake, taken just after supper.  I brought a picnic basket with me complete with real plates and cutlery (not disposable ones) plus fancy tea cups.  Planning and imagining an elaborate picnic one of these days, I dug up this picnic basket from our basement and set it ready for whenever, at a spur of the moment, we can go and have a picnic.  A stroke of shyness overcame me and I fumbled over my stuff, nothing at all was fancy.  My tea was over soaked that it was so bitter, no one liked it.  Ouch... Well, I say, my picnic idea needs quite the re-do.  I'll take photos of that when I succeed, lol.

We are used to bringing food along with us when we go to the National Park.  It is always a good idea, long hikes especially require some drinks and sustenance.  Although if you were unable to bring food, Alma, the nearest town have restaurants with great food, especially lobster and sea food, hmmm...  There are some new cafes in town that I am longing to try next time we are around.

Here are some of my photos during a short evening stroll after supper.

There were scattered rain showers during the whole day.  It was a good thing that the skies were kind to us during our hike.  It started to rain as soon as we finished our last trail.  We planned on having a nice bonfire and marshmallows and guitar music... but it rained... too bad.  There is a next time, right?  The friends instead opted to go back to town and have a little bit more time together in the comfort of a pub, that one where they had built lots of memories in the past.

My model... Papa and his karate kid pose. 

Fancy feeding a squirrel?  We were surrounded by a posy of squirrels during supper.  They were super friendly.  There was also a rabbit that constantly peeks but runs away every time it gets attention.

This hike was short and sweet.  Spending time with friends and family really warms the heart and renews our tired spirits.

For more photos of the beautiful, serene Bennett Lake
please click here.

So, what do you think?  
Would you like to visit the Fundy National Park someday?

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  1. What a lovely hike! It's good that your parents were with you. They must have a lot of fun and admiration for this kind of beauty that doesn't exist in the tropics. Everytime I travel somewhere and see places, I always thinks about my family back in the PI and wish they were with me to enjoy the beauty of nature in these parts of the earth. I'm so happy for you and your parents.

  2. Hello, pretty shots of the waterfalls and park. The frog and squirrel are both cuties. I love the gorgeous scenery and images. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Sounds like a lovely idea! I like those water lily flowers, too.

  4. what an amazing place to visit!! I love the four vacant red chairs overlooking the water! (your father's funny pose made me giggle!) Thanks for sharing with Our Beautiful World!

  5. What wonderful photos!! Thanks so much for sharing with us at OBW!!

  6. looks like a great time, fun photo and a wonderful nature! Thanks for sharing with us at "OBW"

  7. Looks like a wonderful place to visit.


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