Pretty In Pink - Wedding Nails

I just received the nailart charms that I ordered online and they are soooo gorgeous... wiiii!  It was super exciting that I wanted to try them right away... and here are the results :)

I was inspired to do a simple yet elegantly pretty nailart (hee hee... that is if I may say so)  Let me know what you think.  Please comment below.

A very gentle, pastle pink, a silver lining, and that pretty, pretty charm :)  The best thing about this mani is it's very easy you can do it for both hands with no problems...


Here are the colors that I used for this pretty in pink manicure nail art :) {As always, your basics for nail art are: basecoat, color, accent colors or decorations and your good quality topcoat :)}

I used Sally Hansen Tripple Strong Nail Strengthener as my basecoat - two coats.
Bubble Gum by Billie Cosmetics main color

Silver glitter striper from CM for accent
And Freedom Polymer topcoat from

The HOW TO :)

1. Clean and shape your nails as desired.  Remove excess dirt (nails powder) and oils by wiping nails with nail polish remover.  Apply basecoat {In this case, since I used a nail stregthener as my basecoat, I used two coats, drying the coat in between.  Otherwise, one coat is fine.}

2. Apply your color up to 3/4 of the nail surface only. I left a third bare and in a slight arc.  Since the color I used is very sheer, it took three coats for it to be opaque.  Remember to dry the nails in between coats.

3. Carefully apply the silver striper on the edge of the design, close by the cuticles. Let dry.

4. Apply topcoat.  Once dry, I used glue to put the charm on my nails.

5.  Enjoy your manicure!

TIP:  Since I am right-handed, I work on my right hand first so that my left (non-dominant hand has free reign and I'm not as worried about the polish getting wrecked.)  Then, after my right hand is all prettied-up, I work on my left.  Since my right hand has greater control, I can work with it even when the polish is still drying.  

For more Nail Art designs, please visit my  
Thank you and have a fancy nails day!

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