Masquerade (Black and White Mani)

Hubby had a staff meeting at work today where an inspirational speaker was invited to give a motivational speech.  There was also held a little trivia game where my smarty hubby won a bunch of goodies including this beautiful mask.  My little niece and I would play with it.  We would put make-up on and pretend to be princesses attending a ball. 

What if I'd really be attending a masquerade?  Hm, how about a nice little doticure to match?

The bow is quite big, I know :)

I used "Espresso" one of Revlon's Parfumerie limited edition polishes.  As the polish dried, it let-off a nice coffee scent that I thought was very pleasant and stimulating.  Hubby say's otherwise and complained that the smell was so strong.  "I feel like I'm in a chemistry lab or something,"  He would say :)  No doubt you have heard or read mixed reviews about scented polishes too.  Parfumerie is my first try on scented polishes.  I personally like it a lot.  The scent wasn't affected by the top coat but was gone after I washed my hands.

Because the bow I had the first time was quite big and inconvenient, I made a little adjustment and used silver studs instead.  Yay or Nay?  Is it fit for a nice masquerade party or a fancy girl's night out?

Have you tried scented polishes?  What do you think about them?

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Thank you and have a fancy nails day! 

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