Julep Nail Polish Haul (Oscars Special Sales, Late Post :)

In this haul I have:
2 Oscars gold-sequin bag
From left to right: Ava, Yumi, Paris, Greta and Anisa
Holly, Greta,
2 Oscars (golden-glitter), Monica, Wendy and Portia
2 Freedom Polymer TopCoats
Julep have been offering great deals a few days before their Maven Window.  A few girls have been commenting on Julep's FB page that they have been missing these sales.  I feel bad that just days prior to this, they spend over $25 US without the added perks.  So, this would be a kind-of FYI to my dear fellow Mavens. ;) If you are not into Julep yet, please allow me to elaborate. ;)

Every month, Julep releases a new collection of nail polishes and beauty products.  These are curated into sets according to the different Fashion Styles they offer.  From the 20th to the 24th of each month, a Maven (Julep Subscriber) can decide whether to take the box or skip.  She can also choose to keep her Fashion Style, try a new style or select add-ons. That is called the Maven Window.  Before that window, Julep offers really great deals.

Featuring Holly and Portia

In the very first photo you'll see a deal that was inspired by the Oscars.  A set of two polishes and a make-up bag is offered for free with every $25.00 purchase.  This includes: A gold sequin bag, a gold-glitter called "Oscar" and a choice between Holly (Bluish green shimmer) or Greta (dark red shimmer).

As you may have guessed I bought both sets :D  Yup, I have a problem, lol...

Featuring Freedom Polymer Top Coat

The Freedom Polymer is my favorite topcoat.  Kindly read this post to see a few reasons why ;)I have been eyeing it for some time but refuses to pay full price.  So I saw my chance during this sale.  I bought two and got my first set of Free Oscars Set featuring Holly :)

A few days later, I saw another polish that I have been coveting for some time - a sparkly glitter called PARIS.  On its own it's $11.20.  Again, didn't want to pay full price.  But I spotted a curated set called Starlet Trio that contains not only Paris but also Yumi and Ava for $14.99  So I added a few more polishes from their Savvy Deals to make the $25.  I again was able to get the Free Oscars Set, this time featuring Rita.  Yay! :)

Featuring: Paris, Yumi and Ava

I had to skip that month's subscription of course.  But I am more than happy with this haul anyhow.
So what do you think of these great deals? And my designs?

Please be a darling and leave comments below.  Sharing is caring :)
~* Maya *~

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