Glitter Mix-Up {My DIY Glitter Polish Story}

"Fairy Dust" ~ Purple glitter combination

Indie polishes are proliferating in the market today.  There is a big parade of brands and quite a number of creative and sparkly designs to choose from.  One particular kind of indie polish that catches my attention is the bright, colorful and innovative glitter concoction.  Numerous glitter combinations are available today - all sorts of shapes, colors and designs... some heavy with glitter, some light and fine.  All of them really beautiful!  ~~~ And oh, quite pricey too :(

You've probably wished to make your own brand as well, at one time or another.  I sure do.  Polish-chemistry, not being at arms reach, doesn't have to hinder creativity.  I'm speaking about combining your favorite glitter mixes and then using an already available light glitter polish as base.  I know, it cheats the process a little, but it's a start, right?  At least to give a good kick-start until you are ready to experiment mixing your own chemicals from scratch. 

Using an ordinary topcoat is not recommended as the polish is not able to support the weight of the glitter, thus unable to suspend it.  In other words, the glitters will settle into the bottom of the bottle and in a few days time, might render your concoction useless.  Too bad... So starting with a bottle that already suspends glitter is a good idea. 

Here I mixed purple glitters and poured it into a half-way done glitter polish using a cone shaped paper.  Then, using a thin barbeque stick, stirred them all gently.

A big con I find with heavy glitter polish {I mean, not just indie or DIY polish, all heavy glitter polishes} is: the glitters doesn't quite cling to the brush.  Often, I had to use a stick to fish out the larger glitter pieces to place them properly on the nail.  I'm thinking, leaving the glitter mix dry, on it's own, is better than mixing it with the polish afterall.  Therefore, it can be spread to the nails as you wish and easily picked up with stick and placed on the nail.  This is of no concern, of course, if the glitter size is small and uniform.

I have to admit, I do not own any Indie Polish brand yet (except Julep :) So, I welcome your reaction and experience in using heavy glitter polishes :)  Please leave a comment below...

Thank you pretty ladies!  Enjoy and have a great day!

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