Winners HAUL (My Beauty Spot and Color Club Nail Polish)

Happy Tuesday Ladies!
Presenting to you, another nailpolish haul.  I got this goodies a few day ago.  A friend wanted to take a walk around and do some window shopping.  The window opened up for me when I saw this greatly priced jewels.  Having a nail art party with my nieces in a few days time so I thought of getting some fun new stuff :)

I have not tried this brand before.  Not too long ago, I purged my nailpolish collection and removed what I suspected to be not toxin free.  The label for these polishes does not list any of the toxins in the ingredients.  Nor does it claim to be free of them.  So I'm not quite sure if its "safe." But I couldn't deny the beauty of the colors and the bottles.  I love the black-bow touch.  There's a little funnel as well for the caviar.  Yes, there are 4 bottles of micro-beads in the package. All these for $9.99.  Not bad huh?  Still not sure if it's toxin free as the polish emits a strong smell, nail polish remover or paint-like smell.

Swatches and nail art will be posted separately ;)

Another part of my awesome haul is this Color Club set.  On first look, these pretties look like creme pastels.  They are creme and soft-colored, alright.  But they are also  as bright as highlighters :)  In other words... neon pastels!   Happy, cheerful colors - apt for summer. Such a gorgeous bunch.

Their is no indication on the package that claims "toxin" free.  Ingredients did not list the toxins either.  But the Color Club website states that they are dedicated to making safe and cruelty free products. "Environmentally Awesome," is what they call these gems ;)  The smell is not as strong as the "My Beauty Box"... For that, I am glad ;)

Here are the names of the colors...  I paid $9.99+13% tax CAD for 5 colors, a glitter topper and a topcoat (7 bottle-set).

Please click on the Links below for the following Nail Art Designs (and more!)

Design 1 - Light Pink

Design 2 - Dark Pink

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