Camelia ~ Subtlety for a Nice Quiet Day

What is your go-to Mani?

I found Sally Hansens "Camelia" at the Dollar Store one day for a really price.  This might be a part of a "French Manicure" set (or not)...  I was expecting a light pink shimmer.  To my pleasant surprise, it was more natural than I expected.  Ever since then, this color became my favorite inbetween color - when I am not quite inspired yet, thinking of what to do next or when I just want a quiet, clean looking nails.  I used to just put on a nail treatment to protect my nails and have a little shine.  This one now is my favorite ;)

I thought this would do great for an executive kind of day or is perfect for a job-interview... huh?

A nice simple mani for a weather just like this... when one would care about warmth and coziness more than anything else :)

How about you?  What's your go-to mani design or polish?

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