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One of the perks of working close to a shopping area is... shopping... lol.
Well, I mean, because it's on my way, I get to drop in quite often and check in on some sales.  Have you ever wondered what these insta gel strips are?  Well, I have and I wondered how they work but refuse to pay full price... Now I know what's in it... ;-)

I went on a (seldom happening) awesome vacation last year and my, did I wish that I brought my Fingerpaints gel polish kit with me.  I went around "somewhere awesome" with pitiful nails.  Of course,  I cared less while I was enjoying some great sites and rare adventures.  But there is always the "I wish I took a nailie on that beautiful spot." Hubby says: "Hm, really?!? No, not really. I am exaggerating... lol. But it would have been nice...

I thought about bringing my Fingerpaints gel kit but gave way for more essential stuff in my carry-on.  Practicing traveling with just a carry-on you see.  Saves time going around the airport and less chances of losing a luggage.  Anyway, that was my motivation for picking this sweetheart.  The LED lamp is so tiny, it can only fit one finger at a time.  But that size is actually perfect for traveling. It is also just a strip so really doesn't need a whole lot of ado...  I think at least... I'll hold my tongue until I get to try it :-)

In the box there's the LED lamp with an AC adapter.  I love that as batteries can get expensive overtime.  And you surely don't want to run out of battery life while in the middle of a manicure, right?  There's two packages of gel strips, the leftovers are meant to be disposed after.  It also comes with a cuticle stick, nail file, buffer, a bottle of base/topcoat in one and the instructions.  Each refill set will include all these except for the LED lamp.

And then I bought another Sensationail gel polish wrap since it's on sale...  This set, plus a small bottle of acetone will do just fine on a nice boat cruise along the Mediterranean... what do you think?  (ah, the wishful thinking.... wink)  Now, all I need is some time to sit and test out how this set holds out... soon I hope :-)

Have you tried this set?  How did you like it?


  1. hi hon! i tagged u in a TAG :)


  2. Awesome nail designs, Now i am going to suggest all of my friends to make this design.


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