Milady's Art and Science of Nail Technology (Book Review)

"An investment in knowledge always gives the best interest."
~Benjamin Franklin

Because you do a lot of nail art, friends and family might ask you to do their nails time and again.  Because you really really do love nail art, maybe you joined various nail art communities in different social media platforms such as this...  And then you come across ones who would ask you questions about nail care, how to stop nail biting (I get this a lot), how to grow longer healthier nails... this or that?... Are you one to get annoyed and say? "I don't know, I just do nail art...."  Or are you the other who feels flattered that someone thinks you know a great deal and actually trust your opinions? I prefer the latter.  Though I don't always know the answer, I try to be well-informed.

Though I am not able to afford a formal course, I take it as no excuse in order to learn and be knowledgeable about this trade.  Enter, lol... I have a few Nail related books in my mini- library now.  And then I thought, why not self-study Nail Technology as close as possible to the formal courses offered at beauty schools?

Milady's Art and Science of Nail Technology is the official textbook used in Nail Technology courses in my province.  Bought new, it would cost up to $115 Cad + tax and probably shipping.  This copy is used and a bit old but it only cost $7.99+tax, shipping included.  Now that was a wow deal! 

Milady's Art and Science of Nail Technology covers a wide area of topics all revolving around nails: anatomy, disorders (how to detect them and how to prevent transfer of disease), proper care, manicuring/pedicuring, false nails (acrylic, gel and nail art).... etc... And of course, tips on starting out in a Nail Technology career or your own business.  It is quite packed with information. 

If you are considering or not sure about taking the Nail Technology course - after high-school or probably as a change in career - why not get yourself informed first as to what the course entails?  And then decide if you really want to go through this career path?

Even if you only want Nail Art as a hobby (for now), you can become a well informed hobbyist, a professional-like nail artist by self-studying this book...  I know it had helped me a lot, it may help you as well.  Not only are you manicures going to look more fab, you might as well be opening opportunities for yourself in the future - Be informed! Knowledge is power ;-)

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