Jamberry Nail Wraps Sample Sheets

Hello my dear friends!  Today I want to share with you photos of the Jamberry samples that I received in my nail mail recently. I included the contact information (business card info) of the kind ladies who sent me samples so that you can contact them if you are interested in Jamberry as well.

Summer is so busy for me right now.  Just in case you missed my last post, I played tour guide for my Volunteer friends who came to visit in the last 11 days!  Along with the touring and traveling we fulfilled a very important volunteer work.  Yay for self-sacrifice and altruism, right...  Although that meant busy days and no time for nail art. (I bet, I'll have a lot of time for that in the winter, lol...) 

What activities are you enjoying this summer?  Please do share in the comments below so I could check them out...

Would you mind if I share with you photos of my adventures? 


  1. Are those nail files inside the plastic bags? They´re so cute and love the designs! :)


    1. Hi, those are the sample nail wraps... :-) Because they are only trial ones, they are rather small and of uniform size. The actual product are sized up for the nails :)


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