Green Nails and Some Time with Nature

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery
— air, mountains, trees, people. 
I thought, "This is what it is to be happy.” 
~Sylvia Plath "The Bell Jar"

Long weekends are fun especially when you are working full time... It's a happy long weekend day in New Brunswick, yay!!! We went hiking and kayaking with some friends... we thought it's great to spend time with nature as summer really goes by so fast here in NB and the winters can be so long.  So we are trying to get "stuff" done as much as we can before winter hits.

I thought green nails are appropriate for an intimate time with nature.  A few minutes before leaving the house, I painted them, ha ha! This is actually the first time in my nail art history that I'm wearing plain green nails! What do you think?

GreenNails | Nature | Pretty Nails And Tea

I took a lot of nailfies during our hike.  My friends laugh at me sometimes...  It's more important than a selfie, lol... (just kidding).  I was hoping to enter #destinationwithchinaglaze contest, or #crosscountrywithcolorclub.... and then I find out it's limited to U.S. (booo! ha ha!)  Well, It's just a quick 5-minute nails, had fun and I gave my friends some entertainment.  It was a very enjoyable
day... So, that's like winning a million dollars there, right?    
Good times with friends are what we cherish most in our hearts.

I also cherish the time we had with these lilies at the very end of the lake... We didn't bring cameras with us for fear it might get wet.  So I took some souvenir with me to the shore so I can take photos.  The serenity was soul-refreshing!

GreenNails | Nature | Pretty Nails And Tea

On the nails: China Glaze "In the Lime Light" with accent nail "Lucky Charming" from Pure Ice.  Thanks to Julep Polymer Top Coat, this mani dried super fast!

GreenNails | Nature | Pretty Nails And Tea

I put a little slide with my nails in it....

I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend as well, ready to face another week refreshed and lively... Take care!!!
xoxo Maya...

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  1. I love the crystal cl;ear water and the lovely fingers glazed with the color of nature:)


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